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  1. And more realistically, because you may be subject to criminal violence, particularly if society is undergoing a period of unrest or disruption (natural disasters, etc.) Also, making loud noises and target shooting are fun, and besides people should as much as possible be allowed to own or do whatever they want without harming others? Anyway, I think we all know we're not going to be sprinting about NMRiH dual-wielding Steyr Augs with custom underbarrel shotguns firing flamethrower rounds. But the greater the variety of firearms (and melee weapons) available to scenario designers, the greater the variety of situations we'll get to try and survive the zombie horde in. So some sec-ops type weapons should be in, as well as as many other categories of firearm as can be included without the NMRiH team going nuts.
  2. Ok, if I read this right the correct answer is like so: NMRiH's focus won't be on running about shooting zombies; firearms will be in-game, but won't be around in quantity or indeed all the time. Finding a firearms will usually be a big deal in a game, and ought to make you envied by others. Melee weapons will play at least as large a role in most missions as firearms, often more. Do bolts and arrows usually survive impacting things/people in a shootable state? If they're in (and I hope they will be), I'd expect at least some to be unretreivable due to damage - but that'd just make getting them back all the sweeter, i guess.
  3. This makes me think like so: 1. The chat system is going to be basically shouting to your comrades. Therefore, actual sound, in the game-world. 2. Sounds in HL2 can echo. (Or at least, HE barrels going bang in open areas appear to.) 3. Can our plaintive cries for help when we can't find anyone echo back at us in a really spooky way? That'd be great. Is this echoing actually a trick of the engine, or will it support on-the-fly echoes? Anyone know?
  4. So maybe people would have to take turns baiting the zombies to distract them and allow others to get past? I like it, it would certainly reward teamwork, which is always awesome.
  5. No, but I can really hammer the "Add Reply" button to try and keep you company. Edit: Actually, it turns out I can't.
  6. I know, I know...some/many/most people would just kill the kids for the hell of it. But for those of us who wouldn't, they'd add so much to the mod...probably not enough people who wouldn't just kill them to make it worthwhile adding them, though.
  7. I vote for put the feature in. If its too annoying due to idiots spamming it, measures other than excluding it can be use to limit the idiots.
  8. What about with some scared kids still hiding in it? You'd have to protect them, or...well, the obvious. There is/was a poll on child zombies. What about child NPCs? ...or child PCs? ...Not going to happen, is it?
  9. Most interesting candidate for Scariest Level I've Played: A SWAT 4 map where you have to clear out a nightclub. The whole map was just so well done, with great lighting, brilliant ambient sounds, and kick-ass attention to detail that it was extremely immersive; you really felt you could be in a real, operating club were something had gone horribly wrong, and you had to help people, but were in danger. But had it been a real club (devoid of drug-related shootings), it would have been a nice hang out. Sometimes the oddest map locations can be unnerving.
  10. Holy thread jumping innuendo, batman! And it would indeed be far more common to find hunting rifles, miscellaneous pistols and shotguns than military-style rifles and SMGs; but rifles and SMGs are common enough that some should be in the mod, just so mappers can should they wish make "clearing of the Old Mill Complex of the living dead by police and local militia" type scenarios. We'll all love tooth-and-nail struggles whacking stuff with bats and screwdrivers, but we'll also love breaking out the M4s and making the Zeds pay for all those times we just couldn't quite make it Besides, I'll bet some people will turn their noses up at NMRiH if they hear there aren't any shiny guns in it; and if those people don't play, we won't be able to persuade them that shiny guns aren't the be all and end all of good games, and we'll have a smaller community. Basically, I think we need some as a draw.
  11. Yeah, I'd like to see those. They get into civilian hands (in the USA) through the Civilian Marksmanship Program too, so they're not so rare as to be daft. Nice low-tech/retro feel too. Plus nice, solid wooden stocks for zombie-smacking (we can buttstroke, right?).
  12. I think a lot have been imported to the US. No idea on numbers, but they can be picked up for <$200 I think; at that price, I'd expect popularity.
  13. While at work today (and bored), I came up with a few ideas for NMRiH I thought I'd submit for consideration: 1. A "safe" fire mode for weapons. I'm sure I mentioned this in another thread, but I'll mention it agian. The old rainbow sixes had this, and it rocked for immersion and general cool-detailness. 2. Anyone play the original Delta Force? That game had realistic weapon operation and reloading in that it simulated having a round in the camber of your weapon; load a 30-round mag into an empty weapon, and it would drop to 29 rounds in the mag, plus one in the chamber. Reload without shooting, and the chambered round remained, and the 29-round mag was replaced with a 30-round mag, giving you 31 rounds loaded. Again cool detail, added immersion. 3. Any chance the zombies can sometimes knock your weapon from your hand/cause you to drop your weapon? Actually, why just zombies? Any chance events like jumping from a height and landing might make you drop weapons or equipment? 4. After shooting a firearm, will it return to the original point of aim after recoil, or can your point of aim be "knocked about" a bit? This would force you actually to have to re-aquire your target (even if it was stationary) manually after each shot rather than have the process done for you. 5. Any chance of weapons jamming occasionally, perhaps at a frequency that can be varied, so it could be determined by the mission creator? Again, would be good immersion. 6. What will be the ballistics model? Are we getting bullets that immediately hit target, or will they fly through the air? Can we have bullet drop and dispersion modelled for firearms? 7. Operation flashpoint-style wandering crosshair to make staying still and shooting a more winning prospect than run-and-gun? None of these suggestions are make-or-break for me (or probably anyone else), but just one or two would increase the cool factor by lots. So...thoughts? Criticism? Further comments?
  14. Ah, but what does Mr. Romero teach us? Its not the dead that screw you over, its the living. The dead just exploit your infighting.
  15. +1 I quite like the idea of there being regenerating health to represent recovering from blows; better, I'd like health to represent physical harm - too much and you're dead - and some sort of "daze-o-meter" that fills up as you take blows/damage, and slowly empties as you get time to recover. Along with blurred vision, blacking out, and perhaps ringing ears and falling down. Then you could take blows that might not actually kill you, but might disorient and incapacitate you enough you become ineffective, and then get bitten/beaten to a pulp because you can't run off or fight back. A +2 to the "zombies aren't that good alone" btw, they just aren't (slow Zeds, that is). Its when there are lots of you, and/or your teamwork fails that they should become nasty. And I expect teamwork to fail quite a lot, at least until we form a core of players familiar with one another.