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  1. Ohh.. i see what you mean by flat face. I fixed it and thank you Sporkeh for pointing that out.! Helped me out alot.
  2. Is there anything positive about this model? Lol. Im just playing. Well yes your right I did made proportions "Insane" because i wanted it to be, and i don't really understand what you mean by the face being to flat.. and the eyes are being fixed cuz i was going for the diablo "cartoony way" but if you want more normal i can. I am still working on the legs, they have not much detail (Yet) and I wanted them to be "cock backwards". Also the hands are the hl2 hands. but everything else is made by scratch from me. All and All. I thank you for your comment and input because i mainly wanted some ideas on what i should do to make it better, So you may be a "negative person" on that Sporkeh but i really wanted you and others to be. Btw Though people.. Just cuz i said that please dont comment about everything you hate about it.. I want constructive criticism and or postive comments not about how much it sucks so please. Be nice.
  3. Why thank you.
  4. Hiya I just recently join this wonderful community and so far. Im liking it. Anyways I have been working hard on a little (Well, he is not that little) model and i wanna post it to see what you guys here think It is a Barbarian model from diablo 2 and i have been quite taken to diablo as well as half life2 and css and tf2 and etc. I also posted a necromancer finished model in fpsbanana if you want to take a little peek at it HERE So, Here is some screenshots of the barbarian WIP Tell me what you think. Now, It hasnt been smoothed or unwraped yet or, well or even finished modeling but if you want i can keep posting new parts. Picture 1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 UPDATE!!!!. New Pictures below. BarbarianNew1 BarbarianNew2 BarbarianNew3 BarbarianNew4 Tell me what you think. Btw I think i fixed most of the sporkeh..
  5. Looks great.. i like your use of decals and prop models.. The streets look fine i believe.. lol they look alittle clean though.. You could put some more trash decals and prop models on the road.. but everything else looks great :L)
  6. lol that face is awesome.. hehe looks scary
  7. Woah.. i agree that is a really good model for a second.. GJ mate
  8. Woah dude.. Thoughs models are hot..!! Nice work