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  1. honestly you can if you want, doesnt make much of a difference to me
  2. The growl of a muscle car accelerating makes my heart pound if im driving. cars are very good
  3. that sucks. swayze was pretty good in some stuff
  4. medium rare
  5. sick rappers make me sick
  6. I don't want to play a game thats been bent. I dont like bent cocks either
  7. shame i cant say the same to you : (
  8. I can piss on command
  9. tekanina
  10. while maxx is a serious faggot, he is the only person on this forum that I would have any real life respect for
  11. drinking alone can be fun sometimes
  12. you type in proper english without being told to do so.
  13. or what? you'll derail it again?
  14. That actually looks fuckin cool
  15. I never said a word about hating you (nor would I), you just let me get the better of you. either way, I said sexually intimidating. I'm tall and stocky for my age, and even given my size, my image wouldn't intimidate men older than me.. girls call me pretty.