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  2. Ohi hguys im like drunkg like rgith motherfcuking right now itches so suck yit fagots
  3. Had quite a strange dream; sas in a room that could've come straight out of the Saw movies, except there were like circular saws sticking out of the door. Thought "WTF... that shit's just stupid" and someone walked into them and got cut to bits. Then I did an epic facepalm and woke up.
  4. Enemies that keep on respawning (ie. in a room you just cleared) when you're trying to make progress = biggest lose possible.
  5. sux
  6. Marijuana is overrated. ;[
  7. What a shitty excuse. :3
  8. You're missing out the fun everybody else has now.
  9. I've had a couple of mindfuck-cycles when (trying to) sleep lately. Like I'm thinking about model specifications for the PSP, fall asleep, continue my thinking on the subject while sleeping, wake up and think that I should stop thinking about it, think about it while awake, become angry because I'm thinking about it, fall back asleep, dream about how I think that I shouldn't be thinking about it, etc.
  10. Don't worry guys, Maxx is just angreeeeh because MGSOB is so much better than GTA4.
  11. Nothing wrong with sum rape now and then.
  12. I like you.
  13. I solve problems I encountered during the day in my dreams.
  14. GTA4 sucks bawlz.
  15. wut