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  1. I really hope that was sarcasm haha
  2. Thanks for the help. I guess I should get started on a layout.
  3. Probably not for a while.
  4. Crazy, but fun. Taking a shotgun and blowing off all the limbs and watching it wiggle on the ground would give me a huge sense of accomplishment. I'm starting to freak myself out....
  5. Oh I see, he posted something that was in the sneak peak.
  6. I like it. Maybe the initial map was there because it was a guard station for the military HQ (this will give players a few, but not enough, weapons to start out). The map there will lead players to the real outpost, where they will find a map of the full facility and be able to locate the exit. I have a nice visual of this. To one side, you can see the tops of buildings silhouetted in the night/setting sun and to the other is maybe a mountain or forest area, which would explain the river, the exit, and also give players a visual idea of where they are in the plant and how far from the exit they are (like the citadel in HL2). Yea I like that idea. For the majority of the map, they can rely on melee weapons, found in various places, and pistols off of guards or a few weapons from the original guard post where they started. Near the end of the map, when they reach the military HQ, they can stock up on some better weapons, and consequently the end of the map can have a lot more zombies and be a lot more challenging, since they have better weapons. Genius. I love it. Maybe to make it even more challenging, the zombies chase them into the room, where they have to barricade themselves in, but before the can initiate the process, maybe they have to flip a breaker through another passage way, but the majority of the people have to stay to defend the control room. That makes the team decide who should stay and who should go under pressure and make sure they don't send too many or too few. The old "find a key to open a door" might be a little overplayed, but this could work. Maybe combine this with the thing I mentioned about about having to repair a fuse under pressure. Have the door locked and the key is on one of the few zombies in that confined area, so that it isn't impossible to find a key on the zombie if they don't know what they are looking for. I don't know how well a big physics object like that would work in Multiplayer, but usually physics are jerky. This would be cool to get to work. Maybe have the pipe lifted above the players so the player just has to press a button in the crane and it starts lowering and gets stuck on a pile of crates or something else so that it's able to make the bridge for the players. I love the idea about how that one player is stranded then so that the other team members have to help them out. Maybe have it so that the ladder to the crane is right near the catwalk in the original position of the crane, but when the player moves it to crate the bridge, the ladder is no longer near a catwalk so he's stranded, that way, even if he lets the team over then moves the crane back to get up, the bridge has moved and he's stuck. The only possible way for the player to get over is if the team turns on the sprinklers to stop the fire. I like the idea of having environmental things that players can use to take out groups of zombies. Maybe like in the old video of Ravenholm where the player roles a grenade under the big metal crate, which then falls onto a group of combine below, or the gas traps, or maybe just shooting a chain and having something fall on them. Make it so they aren't necessary to get by, but if used, ammo can be reserved and things will be easier later on. Nah, this will work. I like working with industrial themed buildings rather than cities anyway. More interesting and better opportunities for cool effects.
  7. Looking nice. Solid start. I'm glad all the building's aren't just a flat block with a window texture, you made the architecture detailed and accurate to building fronts.
  8. But Infr4mer, you have more than 100 posts...
  9. Firefox > IE Sorry. Just the facts.
  10. 1) How large a map did you want? I was thinking relatively big. Not huge, but enough that it will take a while for the players to memorize everywhere. So I guess C: several buildings/large complex. I was hoping to go for a urban setting with some apartment buildings, dark back alleys, maybe a mechanic garage, etc. 2) Are you interested/preferenced towards specific environments? urban 3) Do you like NPCs on your map? Depends on the objectives. Ex: for the airport I was going to have the objective be to find the npc pilot and escort them to the plane alive, but just going from place to place collecting resources or barricading yourself if works too. I'm not too familiar with working with npc's so that would take a little work. 4) What type of map would it be? I was thinking a combination between barricade and escape. Technically it would be escape, but there would be area's they have to barricade themselves in for because of a huge horde of zombies is coming or maybe they are trapped in a building at the beginning of the map, have to hold of a swarm by barricading, then escape through the sewer when they are run down and run to another building or something, eventually making it to a military checkpoint or something like that. 5) What type of zombies do you prefer? A combination of both, but it's pretty flexible. 6) How much firepower did you want to include? Moderate. I want everyone to have to search for a firearm, but it shouldn't be impossible to get a decent weapon and a moderate amount of ammo to defend themselves. 7) How many objectives would the map have? A few, like I mention above, Have a few places they stop to barricade in, or block a path behind them by blowing something up and filling a path with rubble, etc. 8) In terms of goals/objectives, how "puzzling" should they be? Minor puzzles. they shouldn't be just spelled out for them, but they should be able to be solved relatively easy since online multiplayer games aren't always the best for team puzzle solving. 9) How many players are allowed on the map? I'm not really sure.... maybe 6-8 or something like that. 10) What category of map did you want? Original
  11. That would actually be great. I was second guessing the airport thing again because, like mentioned earlier, it would take a lot of custom content that I just can't do.
  12. Sounds like it would be fun to use.
  13. Yea, it's a completely different engine so I don't think it would be particularly easy to replicate that kind of action in the source engine.
  14. No. Haha. That movie was so bad.... What kind of zombie movie is it if the only gun in the whole thing is a freaking sniper rifle?
  15. One thing you'll learn here soon: I'm never serious. <- except that statement right there <- and this one explaining that one.