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  1. "and as they begin to see that darkest light a new horizon is born On that horizon is seen hope and freedom and... a pack of flying hippopotamuses at the front their leader Humphrey lets out a triumphant cry they break the darkness and a new age is born" Just wanted to add some spice to this thread.
  2. That's really good man. male model...lol But seriously you always have good stuff. Talent.
  3. It's hard if you're a quadriplegic.
  4. This video is just freaking amazing. ~Bush Zombies~ It still makes me lol.
  5. I meant the last part on that movie. But I agree that people should be told these things. That Rockefeller is screwed up though eh?
  6. So I made a spore It's pretty cool Plus he has a huge package I'm so jealous
  7. I've seen this one before. The last one is liable to make you shit yourself.
  8. Is it really good guys? I'm downloading it now.
  9. I'd grab a bunch of clothes and stuff em in a backpack. I'd take all of my food and weapons. Go grab some buddies and my grandparents (With all of there weapons) and head north with all of us in a bunch of cars. Eventually we'd get to a location where it's so cold that the zombies, not being educated in coats and fire and such would likely become meat Popsicles and all of their cells would tear or something to that extent. We'd just chill up north with fire and such, having a grand old time.
  10. There was a disagreement and Ken gave the SWAT man a souvenir that he'd definitely feel in the morning. All around them, Clay saw guns raise up towards them. First the rapist and now this. Clay thought. He was starting to debate what he'd had worse conflict with. The humans or the zombies. The SWAT man uttered an order and the guns were lowered. Consequently Clay had almost passed out from relief. He hobbled from the group, asked a cop where some decent bedding was and then he did pass out. Voluntarily. The team would wake him up when it was time to go.
  11. Cold hearted sob...
  12. Dude here's another super crazy awesome illusion. Take a look.
  13. Clay took in what Jason said. "Well that's good news. Why doesn't he want to come?" Clay looked at the man. "We'll stand a better chance if we all stick together. We could build a new community."
  14. Clay was relatively happy that there was close to 100 percent less threat than there was originally. He saw the group begin to leave and yelled for one of the cops and he used him for support. His leg was still in some pretty bad shape. When ever he put weight on it a burning pain would flair up and he'd wince behind his mask. He saw the others going towards the sewer and this was a damper on his spirits. There's nothing worse for an open wound than dipping it in shit. That's just asking for an infection. He'd just have hop his way around down there with the help of his police man friend. "So, what's your name?" Clay asked the officer as they trudged through shitty water. "Frank, You?" The man replied. "I'm Clay." He liked Frank already. They could probably be friends after all of this shit passed. The group stopped and began to climb up a ladder. Clay awkwardly made his way up into a warehouse and he was sprayed with some chemicals to ensure sterilization. They walked into the interior of the place and Clay looked around. He spotted Jason and Ken. He thanked frank and parted from him. He made his way towards his friends. "Jason! Ken! You bastards made me hop a mile through crap. That's not good for a leg wound you know?" Clay Sluggishly made his way to the two and put his arms around them for support. "So whats the plan?"
  15. I'd pack a backpack with non-perishables like canned soup and water. I'd also bring a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I'd be wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some running shoes. Nothing fancy. In terms of weapons I'd empty some liquor bottles and make Molotov cocktails with the gasoline in my garage. Then grab my hatchet and baseball bat. After that I'd take a five minute drive to my grandpa's place and chill out there with a 12 gauge semi-automatic hunting shotty. He'd take the other one and a .300 caliber rifle and .22. So to sum it all up the weapons for me are: -12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun (slugs, buckshot, birdshot) -Molotov cocktails -baseball bat -hatchet Gear: -Backpack -Soup -Water -Jeans -T-shirt -Long sleave shirt. EDIT: BTW what are you working on?