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  1. There's 2 Joes now? fantastic.
  2. Do you have two monitors by chance? I noticed it does not lock your cusor to the window, so if you move the cusor too far to the left (or right, depending on your setup) and click, it will minmize the game. And, yeah. I'm just gonna wait until we have a proper control scheme. Seems like a fun game anyway.
  3. You can play it with a M+K. Search google for the control scheme. Only thing is the mouse support is a little wonky. It does not flow like a mouse does, but I have a feeling that's because it's still tailored for a controller.
  4. I swear to god I thought one of the original concept art zombies was modeled after me, the similarity was that great. Even made a thread about it. Turns out I'm just an idiot.
  5. Well, that's frustrating. Here's to hoping there's still a chance.
  6. Beta invites are apparently going out over the next few days.
  7. I only got in because I traded a spare DotA 2 key I had.
  8. Downloading it now, and I just got into the CS:GO beta so I guess I'll have something to compare it to.
  9. First game I'll buy at retail price since...fuck, I don't even know.
  10. Forgot I still had it up on utorrent lol. I'll keep it running until people stop downloading it from me. (1.03 full client)
  11. Looks like they started giving out keys based on the beta survey.
  12. I feel bad about not playing more than 2 hours of the first one. I really should get around to playing it through. And Dragon Age.
  13. http://www.guildwars2.com/en/ Only open for 48 hours. Played the everliving shit out of the first one and I'm really looking forward to this one.
  14. It does not give me a headache or anything, it's just incredibly frustrating. Had I shelled out the $60 for this game I would have been very annoyed.
  15. Fun game so far, but the FoV is fucking killing me.