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  1. lel, inf this is a great spiel >for you
  2. Jesus loves his Christian warriors who scream odious words through anguished screams. I am deaf, deaf I am.Does anyone else believe that the Tripwire dude is a big Christian metal fan and wonder what the fuck is up with that? He makes gory ass games and listens to some harsh music infused with God's word. The dissonance doesn't make him skip a beat?
  3. I'd like to know where people are getting this stuff on Zielinski. I'm too fuckin lazy to use a search engine right now. Point being, if you actually looked for dirt on a lot of game designers or executives, you could probably find it. You could find cuckolds, PETA members, Rob Fords, whore mongers, and various other sorts of unsavory characters. People will of course focus on this guy and this game because these things are particularly captivating. All the same, this is just the Streisand effect. Assuming this game hits release, you lot do realize all this is doing is publicizing the game even more? All the outrage is extra attention. Gratis. You've done the work of advertising for them. You did it for free. (Excuse me while I get giddy and rub my hands together in a most kosher manner.) I want a thousand murder simulators like this. I stand with SickJoe. We are of one mind on this.
  4. Tell him tough titties and let the Prince roll up on him. He broke the laws - and they're called laws because there's enforcement. You might start with some messages filtering to the character that he has to throw himself at the mercy of the Prince, and failing that, there's obviously a blood hunt and a price on his head. Some times otherwise cool people don't understand that roleplaying involves trying to empathize not only with one's own character, but with other characters, and that means putting your head in the game. If they can't make smart decisions in their character's shoes, then that's their own fault and they suffer the consequences. Breaking Elysium and diablerie are two good ways of getting on everyone's shit list.
  5. Fah sho. I'm always willing to do paper-top shit online... Just sayin'.
  6. Hey nah, they were plenty old enough, I could tell. They were all at least as tall as the sword the character was wielding which, according to his honor code, is what matters.In the past, we did too many dice rolls. We've learned to economize on dice these days. With age, wisdom. With wisdom, no one wants to play any more... god damn cocksuckers... grumble grumble...
  7. paper tops nigga thaz what they is uh-huh
  8. Fucks upon you, Joseph. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAE-onXxTGU
  9. hhahahaha awesomesss
  10. Eskill,
  11. awwwww sheeeit I saw that picture.
  12. A CZ isn't an FN High Power. Quality control differs vastly.
  13. RTF? The Czech CZ pistols can be had cheaper, though I've heard mixed things from them in terms of reliability and quality control. Accuracy is generally well-regarded at least. As a carry piece, if that's something that interests you (or anyone else reading), forget about it. For a range pistol though, you can do worse than the Czech CZ pistols. S&W SDs are Glock clones and they're a bit cheaper, while still being generally quality. They also make the Sigmas. Don't know about the quality of those, but every S&W I've used or heard much about is usually pretty solid. Aside from those, basically the only pistols you're going to get for like ~$400 and under are either pocket pistols, pieces of shit, or both. You could do worse than Hi-Points for something that's like $180, so you could spend the rest of the dosh on ammunition. Problem is, Hi-Points are blocky as shit, a tad unwieldy, and heavy. Definitely not carry guns, like the CZs, except actually worse for carry. Still, they work, and they have a life-time warranty. You just have to pay shipping to get those shits repaired. I would advise going for either a CZ or S&W for a budget gun. If you could cough up $550-$600 for a Gen 3/4 Glock, that's a good idea. The 19 I use is damn solid. Only three malfunctions in probably a thousand or so rounds, and that was probably the result of budget ammunition quality control failures (not able to replicate those failures). It's a Gen 4. No problems with the stock grip stippling, running stock everything. Stock sights are decent, although replacing them with some tritium insert sights would be smart. Trigger runs well, mags are reliable, and the three stock 15-round mags run like champs of course.
  14. Here in Murika, we do most things backward. The date and month in series are one of those things.
  15. Don't write black people if you don't think you can imitate them well. Not every story needs blacks. Also, too many ellipses. Watch out with those.
  16. So many typographic errors. 10/10, would read again.
  17. Enjoy! The point is, it's a relatively low-probability occurrence which one should, if one has balls and mind enough, take caution and prepare for. When I strap myself in with a seat belt, it's for the unlikely scenario in which I am involved in a high speed collision (like, faster than 50 km/h or something), where I am at a high risk of ejection or crush injuries from rolling over. When I purchase insurance for, say, a house, its purpose is protection in the case that the house suffers extensive damage, which is unlikely unless I live in the middle of dry scrub or a flood plain. Plenty of people are afraid of either airport security or at least unwilling to put up with the hassle associated with it, and they prefer to drive in automobiles, while being an order of magnitude more likely to die in a fatal automobile collision than in an airplane crash or other system failure. It's true that one is far more likely to die in an automobile than in a gun fight or by a criminal's hands, all things equal. Most gun owners also spend more money on ensuring automobile safety than they do on firearms and carry gear (assuming they even conceal or open carry). If a dedicated shooter, they probably do spend more time practicing with firearms than they do executing vehicle escape drills or performing routine maintenance procedures. That's probably because it's fun to shoot guns, and the clean-up process is rather short, whereas cars require a lot of work when one does get to working on them. Oh, and it's not fun to fuck around with brakes, transmissions, radiators, and all the fluids that go into operating an engine and the vehicle's other systems. I know this first-hand. Still, as a shooter myself, I also think it wise to carry a first aid kit with bandages, tourniquets, antiseptics, fluids, and on and on at least in their vehicle and when they're doing something like shooting or hiking; and to carry a pocket knife or purpose-made device capable of being generally handy but also cutting through a seat belt (some people have burned to death, strapped into a malfunctioning seat belt that wouldn't disengage). Knives are also nice as a back-up weapon, but if I can avoid a knife fight, say with a firearm, I would prefer to do so. Using knives deftly requires a massive shit ton of skill, especially if one wants to avoid significant injury in the process. Firearms seem to possess a deterrent effect well beyond what knives can do; in over 90% of the cases of self-defense where a person brandishes a firearm, the would-be assailant flees either after seeing the firearm produced or after a first shot (which often fails to strike the target). Since we're talking primarily about handguns here, about 6/7 people shot by others with handguns in the US survive. (With long arms, the prospects of survival are dismal.) The fewer times the person is shot, the quicker they receive medical attention, and obviously the less vital the location, the better their odds of survival. So we can expect an assailant to surrender quickly after a firearm is produced, probably by the point of sustaining one or two wounds if not before. There's no data that shows the same holds true with knives. Further, if in a knife fight, I would make damn sure that the other party is either dead or otherwise incapacitated. So knife and bludgeon wounds are far more likely than a single gunshot wound to permanently and significantly disfigure or mutilate a victim, and the tools are far less likely to deter the assailant before lethal force is necessary. Lest it be raised, that one study that said something to the effect of "a gun in the home is twenty times more likely to kill its owner or members of their family than an intruder or criminal" is thoroughly debunked and regarded in the critical thinking sectors of the planet as baseless horse shit molded from hilariously fudged stats. These anti-gun folks are generally the same crowd who argue that eager compliance with criminals' demands is the best method of survival (hint: reality says "au contraire"). There are about somewhere in the region of 600 or so officially recognized justifiable homicides every year in the US, most committed by police officers. If we say the actual numbers accounting for genuine self-defense cases among all citizens including police amounts to 900 per year for recent years, that's probably a good 800 shit-eaters rotting, assuming that 100 of the victims were perhaps not in the wrong despite judgment falling without their favor. Are we worse off? Should the victims of whatever depredation caused them to fear for their lives roll over and get ass-fucked in an effort to save a shit-eater's life? I doubt I'll ever convince any significant number of anti-gun folks since their stance seems to stem mostly from a visceral fear of firearms, especially in the hands of the universally inept masses, while at the same time entrusting politics and automobiles to those same masses. (Yes, those two tools contribute to far more deaths than firearms, even in the US. Considering politics, perhaps especially in the US given the wars abroad.)
  18. What was being said is that there's a massive shortage right now of everything except like 12 gauge and 20 gauge bird shot, and then some of the hunting rounds (i.e. rounds found almost exclusively in hunting rifles like .240, 7mm, .270, etc.). One can also find the premium match-grade or self-defense loads more often than budget ball or hollow points. Everything else is difficult to find and jacked up in price, especially 5.56x45/.223, 7.62x39, 9x19mm, .45ACP, and now .22LR as well. Ranges sometimes have decent amounts of ammunition, but within the last six months there have been primer and cartridge shortages (definitely the former, probably the latter). There have also been large federal indefinite quantity indefinite time orders which allegedly cap at around 1.5 billion or so rounds, mostly of 9mm, .40, .45, and 5.56, though allegedly only a few million rounds have actually been delivered. Most of the supply-demand fuckery has been due to component shortages and panic buying, some fueled by speculation that's starting to crash and resettle. That's the lay of the land. I'm glad I bought a case of like 300 7.62x39 and over 400 7.62x54R while it was still "cheap" last year. Mind you, this all happened in the shit storm following Sandy Hook. Everyone who knew anything knew that Obama's reelection was going to result in increased sales, and thus less supply and a little higher cost. Until the second or third week of December, though, it wasn't too bad. After that point, EVERYTHING was gone. AR-15s were flying off fucking shelves like hot cakes because everyone was afraid that they were going to do 1994 2.0, despite the fact that anyone who knows anything knows that the original 1994 "AWB" achieved jack diddly fuck all in terms of anything but wasting time, money, and the ability of citizens to purchase standard sporting rifle features for a ten year period. The new legislation wanted to make it so that a rifle could only possess one EVUL characteristic, whereas in 1994, a rifle could have two (these included bayonet lugs, standard capacity detachable magazines, flash suppressors/muzzle breaks/compensators, threaded barrels, foldable or collapsible butt stocks, pistol grips, and so forth). The proposed legislation would have banned certain firearms from import or sale by name, tried to close the nonexistent "gunshow loophole" (which is actually the we can't enforce monitoring of private sales, and it's small fish, so let's not waste money chasing shit for no good raisin loophole), among other stupid, pointless, generally frivolous shit that lawmakers do for ribbon cutting ceremonies, smiling whilst they fuck over shit tons of non-violent criminal citizens without provocation. Thankfully, that went nowhere. For now, that is. Some of the panic has subsided a bit, and ammo and sporting rifles like AR15s aren't disappearing as much. So for any Americans who don't live in one of the Gunbanistan states, I highly suggest getting a sporting rifle with features that would potentially become impossible to buy without special license sooner rather than later (FALs, CETMES, G3s, AR15s, AK47s/AKMs/AK74s, and so on). The same would apply to sidearms with magazine capacities higher than 10 rounds and features that might be banned on those as well. With luck, wait to see if prices drop a bit and keep an eye on the blasted Senate. We live in a time of regime uncertainty, and while the recent legislation fell apart, there's no reason to believe that this situation will approach permanence.
  19. Interesting, but I'm curious how well transposing old-school patronage onto a format like this will work in practice. GIVE IT A SHOT
  20. Joey was merely stating an observation, not contradicting the poster's claimed sex or ridiculing her for her post. If anything, it should be considered perhaps off-topic, but sexist? Why, it's absurd! This is an affront to justice and I will not rest until Sick Joseph's good name is restored. We need good sense and good humor to prevail, not white knighting over every perceived slight.
  21. Max Brooks. Same guy, you know? Haha, I do that shit constantly. Father and son - horse shit. Same fuckin guy. Just a marketing ploy. I can't imagine why else I would slip up like that so much.
  22. Exactly. It's based on Max Mel Brooks material for fuck's sake. There's no chance that it's going to be high brow, but it might be a decent action flick. I doubt it will surprise me as much as Dredd did, but I'll give it the chance a pie-rater gives things. Coming up with high-brow zombie fiction is fucking tough though. The Walking Dead comic comes kinda close, as some of the Romero films do, but there are always inconsistencies, leaps of probability, and shit characters it seems. I think the most high brow thing I've written was the one with the erotica bit at the end.
  23. You believe in 'sensibly debating' music? I thought I was joking. Christ alive, I'm not. I'm not joking anymore. I stand behind what I said.
  24. bitch cunt whore slut There. Your opinions on music are now invalid.