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  1. lel, inf this is a great spiel >for you
  2. Jesus loves his Christian warriors who scream odious words through anguished screams. I am deaf, deaf I am.Does anyone else believe that the Tripwire dude is a big Christian metal fan and wonder what the fuck is up with that? He makes gory ass games and listens to some harsh music infused with God's word. The dissonance doesn't make him skip a beat?
  3. I'd like to know where people are getting this stuff on Zielinski. I'm too fuckin lazy to use a search engine right now. Point being, if you actually looked for dirt on a lot of game designers or executives, you could probably find it. You could find cuckolds, PETA members, Rob Fords, whore mongers, and various other sorts of unsavory characters. People will of course focus on this guy and this game because these things are particularly captivating. All the same, this is just the Streisand effect. Assuming this game hits release, you lot do realize all this is doing is publicizing the game even more? All the outrage is extra attention. Gratis. You've done the work of advertising for them. You did it for free. (Excuse me while I get giddy and rub my hands together in a most kosher manner.) I want a thousand murder simulators like this. I stand with SickJoe. We are of one mind on this.
  4. Tell him tough titties and let the Prince roll up on him. He broke the laws - and they're called laws because there's enforcement. You might start with some messages filtering to the character that he has to throw himself at the mercy of the Prince, and failing that, there's obviously a blood hunt and a price on his head. Some times otherwise cool people don't understand that roleplaying involves trying to empathize not only with one's own character, but with other characters, and that means putting your head in the game. If they can't make smart decisions in their character's shoes, then that's their own fault and they suffer the consequences. Breaking Elysium and diablerie are two good ways of getting on everyone's shit list.
  5. Fah sho. I'm always willing to do paper-top shit online... Just sayin'.
  6. Hey nah, they were plenty old enough, I could tell. They were all at least as tall as the sword the character was wielding which, according to his honor code, is what matters.In the past, we did too many dice rolls. We've learned to economize on dice these days. With age, wisdom. With wisdom, no one wants to play any more... god damn cocksuckers... grumble grumble...
  7. paper tops nigga thaz what they is uh-huh
  8. Fucks upon you, Joseph. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAE-onXxTGU
  9. hhahahaha awesomesss
  10. Eskill,
  11. awwwww sheeeit I saw that picture.
  12. A CZ isn't an FN High Power. Quality control differs vastly.
  13. RTF? The Czech CZ pistols can be had cheaper, though I've heard mixed things from them in terms of reliability and quality control. Accuracy is generally well-regarded at least. As a carry piece, if that's something that interests you (or anyone else reading), forget about it. For a range pistol though, you can do worse than the Czech CZ pistols. S&W SDs are Glock clones and they're a bit cheaper, while still being generally quality. They also make the Sigmas. Don't know about the quality of those, but every S&W I've used or heard much about is usually pretty solid. Aside from those, basically the only pistols you're going to get for like ~$400 and under are either pocket pistols, pieces of shit, or both. You could do worse than Hi-Points for something that's like $180, so you could spend the rest of the dosh on ammunition. Problem is, Hi-Points are blocky as shit, a tad unwieldy, and heavy. Definitely not carry guns, like the CZs, except actually worse for carry. Still, they work, and they have a life-time warranty. You just have to pay shipping to get those shits repaired. I would advise going for either a CZ or S&W for a budget gun. If you could cough up $550-$600 for a Gen 3/4 Glock, that's a good idea. The 19 I use is damn solid. Only three malfunctions in probably a thousand or so rounds, and that was probably the result of budget ammunition quality control failures (not able to replicate those failures). It's a Gen 4. No problems with the stock grip stippling, running stock everything. Stock sights are decent, although replacing them with some tritium insert sights would be smart. Trigger runs well, mags are reliable, and the three stock 15-round mags run like champs of course.
  14. Here in Murika, we do most things backward. The date and month in series are one of those things.
  15. Don't write black people if you don't think you can imitate them well. Not every story needs blacks. Also, too many ellipses. Watch out with those.