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  1. Ah. Sorry I seem to have given the wrong idea about my issues with infection. By what I said, I mean to say that when I'm grappled by a zombie (at least that's when I'd assume you'd be infected), it enters what seems to be a biting animation, only some of the time I get off with no infection whatsoever and other times I don't. I'm just curious to know if the ambiguity in terms of said animation relating to infection is intentional or not. Also thanks for the info ssba, I wasn't entirely sure what that thing did when I first tried it out
  2. Not quite sure whether or not this should go here or in the bug report section. I downloaded the beta last night and had a few games. Here's my impression of it so far: A lot of damn fun. However there are also some quirks - though seeing as this is a beta, this was to be expected. The first is that currently, I'm finding that it isn't particularly stable, I've had no less than four crashes in the last two hours and I've seen other people mention they've had similar issues. The next is that the hit detection is a little off - particularly around the head when using firearms. I've wasted countless shots trying to cap a zombie in the head only to have the bullet somehow phase through the side of its head and impact against the wall behind it - this is only with non-spread shot weapons though, shotguns work just fine. It's also a bit of an issue with the one objective on broadway when you need to use a welder - me and two other guys spent almost ten minutes trying to figure it out before one of us got lucky and found that it worked only at a rather strange angle. Which brings me to objectives. I'm not sure if everyone else is getting something that I'm not because my laptop loads up slower than them or not but I found that generally when the game started I had no clue what we were all supposed to be doing until someone stumbled onto the right track - and usually by then most of us were half or just plain dead. I'd like to see a little more indication of what we're supposed to be doing in future updates, preferably a prompt message at the start of a game detailing the first objective. Melee's also a bit strange but it works far more often than not. However when I'm grabbed by a zombie it's rather hard to tell whether or not I've been bitten. I'm not sure whether this is intentional or not so if you can get back to me on this that'd be dandy. Other than that though I've had a marvellous time and I'm really, really glad to see you guys finally get it out to the awaiting public. I'm also happy to see so many servers up and running, seeing as how a great many mods barely even seem to get that upon release. Hoping to see more in the near future.
  3. YES! IT IS UPOOOON USSSSS. Bet it feels good to finally get this thing out there
  4. Goddamnit team, a fucking day late for April Fools! Or at least it is where I am. Fucking hell I am so annoyed right now I might just pop a ve
  5. Ah. Then I retract my earlier statement and humbly request your animators get that sorted.
  6. I think that's probably the most productive post ever made in this forum, though I've not really been here all that much since 08 so yeah... Anyways, I liked the gameplay vid, the anims look a little iffy for player and zombie movement, and I saw nothing concerning the 'bite' attack and the infection mechanism you guys say you're going to implement, the melee (as you said) is being worked on and I saw no dismemberment. But yeah - the mod's still in progress and from what you've showed us, I have every confidence that you'll improve as development continues. I quite liked the commentary, usually I don't go for those sorts of things because I find that generally they're all like "we thought up x when we were at y and person z did v and we thought maybe we could add something like that etc. etc." but this was actually rather enlightening, as well as very encouraging (I like what you had to say about the levels and the changing objectives). Overall, pretty cracking vid, little disappointed we didn't get to see a different video of a different map and weapons in play but oh well, regular members can't be choosers Looking forward to the next update you guys have in store for us.
  7. I thought you'd forgotten about the first weekly, then monthly, then every other month front page updates for a moment there. The animations look pretty slick, though the melee whack for the MP5 looks as though the guy swings it at hip level. On another note: Loving that noise the Remington makes when you rack it.
  8. WET

    Rent it if you must give it a try. I found it, gameplay wise to be a bit of a nostalgia bomb, but other than that, I rather regret actually buying the thing.
  9. Is this dismemberment system being implemented/worked on and if it is, how will it work in terms of melee weapons? i.e. is it dependant on the weapon used? Or will we get some BS where a wrench can cleanly lop off heads? Apologies if this quesiton has been asked before.
  10. From what I can see it's essentially Zombieland on a lesser scale without Woody Harrelson and the kick-ass humour. Only the zombies can use weapons... And have super-strength...
  11. WET

    So we have Wet, a gleefully gory shooter/slash-em up which focuses on... Well I don't know what to say about the game's protagonist seeing as she has about as much depth as the Resident Evil games have a story. Putting aside her annoying, flat comments as she slices the face off a goon intent on sending Rubi to a rather warm place, let's take a look at the gameplay; WET focuses on using stylised attacks, for example leaping off a wall, swinging on a pole or just diving and here's where I began to think "Hold on, am I playing WET or am I playing Stranglehold with grain filters? Or Max Payne." Really, this game is to Strangehold what said game was to Max Payne - a bloody ripoff. Oh sure, there's a little difference, you have a sword this time instead of super-strength but then when the sword kills most enemies in one swipe what exactly is the difference in terms of function? Then there's the wall-jump, which is essentially the same as diving only you're diving from a slightly greater height which, in practise, allows for more kills, but half the time most of your foes drop dead in two shots so I've found and by the time I get to the wall there's only one or two left. I could just leave them until I perform the trick but that tactic often leaves me in a swiss-cheese like condition before I can get to the wall and perform the fancy jump. Next up on my hit-list is Rubi's 'Rage mode' which is essentially god mode with a slightly more trippy visual session, however this mode is triggered by the game, making it feel like it's holding your hand, which, if you like a challenge, won't make you feel like you're achieving much when you do massacre those gun-wielding crooks standing between you and... Well I don't know really there's not really a story to speak of so to say; dangerous girl wants to kill a bunch of criminals, and it kicks off from there essentially, I'm not really given much of a reason to like or remember any of the characters, particularly Rubi whose frustratingly overdone death grunts almost make me start rooting for the mob, or the mafia... Who are you fighting in this game again? Okay, next thing that gets me is the difficulty... Which is to say this game could be completed on the hardest setting without even thinking about breaking a sweat by a five year old. Enemies die in droves before you, most of them will barely get even one shot off before you fill their faces full of lead, then there are the boss fights which are... Ugh... Can we even call them boss fights? I mean one or two of them look a little cinematic but when it comes down to it all these amount to are glorified quick-time-events. Next up is a fairly petty concern but I need something else to complain about before I tell you about the only thing that will actually kill you for certain in this game - the graphics. Take away the grain filters, and you have a slightly murkier Prototype. There's nothing to see here about this game visually save for the aforementioned 'high-as-a-kite' tones in Rage mode. Now for the most frustrating part of the game. You know I said this game was easy? It is, but the controls in this game more than make up for it, they aren't quite as clunky as say the first few Resident Evil games, but you can be certain that they'll be the death of you many times, particularly where you have to run and jump to a certain point a la Mirror's Edge, only Mirror's Edge actually did running and jumping well. Rubi handles about as well as a drunken cow, and the way she swigs alcohol as frequently as a Cossack I can honestly say I wasn't surprised when I found myself falling to my death for the hundredth time. That said, one section does stand out, a certain highway chase in which you leap from car to car, which I thought was pretty well done, aiming aside. Ironically it's probably what I complain about that I liked about this game (not the controls though, nobody likes it when you tell your virtual avatar to go right and he defies you by walking left to fall right off a cliff). The combat is simplistic, and easy to get the hang of and several times I actually found myself enjoying the bloody spectacle as I hacked my way through a dozen goons per second. Then there's Rage Mode, which is underwhelming in terms of gameplay but gives you something moderately prettier to look at than grainy textures. I kept telling myself when I played this 'It's a rip-off, it's a rip-off, it's a rip-off' and strangely enough, when I was about halfway through the game, I found that I was actually okay with that, it was nostalgic in a sense, a reminder of the glory days of an old, but no less spectacular game called Max Payne. That said, you could still do a lot better than WET, I only actually started enjoying this during my fifth hour into the game, it's fairly short in comparison to most games of today as well. So maybe if you've got nothing else to do, you might give this a rental, just don't expect anything mind-blowing and revolutionary, because while it's as fun as a clone of Stranglehold/Max Payne should be, it should be viewed, recieved and treated with the same cold scepticism as a clone should (irony of being an almost identical brother aside.
  12. Could you tell us the chances of you lot releasing this mod before January 2010?
  13. Fucks yeah! Gameplay shots!
  14. Which was a shame. However I believe the RP died when the info for the mod stopped for like, months and people just assumed the mod died, thus the RP (and a bit of the forums) went the way D.E.A.D. did.
  15. Hell why not, probably not going to be selected but here's my info anyways. Name: zipscool (nick/user), theuberbot (steam account name), Alec (name) Contact info: Forums will do fine Microphone: Yes Experience: In beta testing? Not much, but I've been told I've got a good mind for analysis and as such, I'm fairly confident I could pick out flaws or possible bugs for you guys to smooth out, hell maybe I could even give you an idea or two gameplay-wise if it's that time of year. Timezone/Location: Great Britain (Northamptonshire) PC Specs (those marked with a * I'm not entirely sure about, didn't really bother checking for more than a minute): Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX, 4GB RAM, Windows Vista, Nvidia Quad Core 6600 Processor* (or something like), 1TB HDD Space* Other notes: Who here doesn't want to participate in the testing of this awesome-sounding mod? After more than six years I suspect many of us are pissing our pants with glee at the thought of finally seeing what you devs have produced.