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  1. That sneaky bastard.
  2. Really relaxing music.
  3. The title made me believe you guys had been in contact with the Dayz team. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/03/03/dean-hall-dayz-bohemia-zombie-survival/'>Seriously, what's up with this? I hope you guys haven't made a secret deal with Dean
  4. Thanks for the kind words everyone in here and on facebook and on steam.
  5. Boom, didn't it feel good to some extent to let your feelings out? We're all "brothers" here. Atleast that is what i like to think.
  6. Clearly the thoughts i have about my father dying pains me, but it saddens me to see people who are worse off than i. Joe, i hope that you will one day soon get out of this misery.
  7. Yeah, i have to keep my hopes up for my dad and my family. Thank you for the support, i feel a lot better than i did earlier today.
  8. Thanks, i appreciate your support, i really do.
  9. Sorry guys, for not having been much talkative and active on the forums and Vent. I'm having a tough time here at home and it's breaking me. 1 month ago my dad got diagnosed with lung cancer in his right lung and it's spreading towards his left. I don't know what stage it is or if it's the good type or the bad type of cancer but he is really ill and sleeps most of the day after taking chemotherapy. I've tried to deal with it by just keeping it in and act normal but that was the worst decision i have made. I litteraly bursted with tears this weekend and at work today and i don't know what to say. This is hurting me very bad. I can't go to Quake Con this year, i don't want to risk losing him if i go.
  10. ESFJ Extravert(1%) Sensing(25%) Feeling(25%) Judging(1%) You have marginal or no preference of Extraversion over Introversion (1%) You have moderate preference of Sensing over Intuition (25%) You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (25%) You have marginal or no preference of Judging over Perceiving (1%)
  11. Thanks for the time you guys where with me in my first time being in Murrikah! I really enjoyed it. <3 <3
  12. Only because i haven't played with you guys yet.
  13. Even though i might not act like it, i always felt like a black brazilian woman inside.
  14. I bet this guy knows all of us, what we do, where we live. And don't accept any M&M from strangers!
  15. You need to hire some japanese soldiers. My lady is absolutely kicking alien ass with her shotgun.