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  1. I wasn't expecting much from L4D2, but it's exceeding expectations. The new weapons and items are pretty good, the new gore effects are great, new infected aren't bad, deagle wins, jukebox song is ace, optimization is nice, Coach, Nick, and Ellis are nice, even if Rochelle is boring, generic, and irritating. New maps seem okay, though I prefer the aesthetic from the first game. Melee is amazing. If it were up to me I'd charge 40 for it instead of fifty, but it's got enough new and awesome stuff going for it that I know I'll get my 45 bucks out of it. I was against it at first, but the demo won me over pretty fast. Though I still miss Zoey. I can't even tell you how much I hate this Rochelle broad.
  2. Figures. Leave it to the armed forces to not be ready for the zombie apocalypse. Though they do have the the AA-12, which would work, too. And Marines use the M-1014, so that's got, what? 6+1? 7+1? Not as good as a USAS, but better than a frying pan. Anyway, no need to get crazy with the military weapons - if the Marines do get implemented, they'll represent M16A2s and a DMR, right? That's plenty.
  3. They're not, but if the military identified zombies as soft targets and wanted to respond accordingly, the USAS 12 just springs to mind for me. I do know that some military branches have purchased them in the past, but how many, and how long ago I don't know.
  4. Yeah, but if the USAS-12s that they would be equipped with at that point were actually implemented in the game, NMRIH would be too much fun, and could potentially upset the balance of the universe.
  5. The original had its moments, but didn't do much for me. This new one is clearly taking it in a new direction. If it doesn't get carried away, it looks to me like it'll be a significant improvement over the original.
  6. I named my computer Shodan out of frustration when it kept acting up right after I built it. The name stuck, but I don't hate her anymore.
  7. Ballin.
  8. Sig 92, tacticool edition.
  9. John Lennon - Imagine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okd3hLlvvLw
  10. Not quite hero-worthy, but probably the best that could be done with the materials. You sir, are awesome. Thank you.
  11. If somebody can make the Blade Runner pistol, they'll be my hero.
  12. Kingdom Hearts wasn't horrible, but it consistently failed to cash in on all of its considerable potential, but this looks like a step in the right direction.
  13. I routinely listen to it way too loud. I also like Jeff Beck's cover of A Day in the Life lately.
  14. Megurine Luka - Double Lariat Flame away. I deserve it.
  15. And Jesse Ventura's minigun in Predator. But the point stands. Don't hip-fire unless you're a wrestler and/or governor, African militia fighter, or super cool dude at the end of Crank that had a 74U and made an awesome face whilst he fired from the hip. In seriousness, I don't dig pistol-grip shotguns, but they're reasonably common. For zombies they wouldn't seem to be significantly better or worse than models with stocks, since neither is exactly a precision instrument.
  16. Where are you even getting this stuff? Which one of us is bragging? I offered my opinion and my help, I didn't put a gun to anybody's head. Take it easy.
  17. You fool! The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 after Solid Snake assassinated Hitler!
  18. Rejection letters - staple of every cool and attractive writer. I do have some modest publication credits, but nothing in the newspaper. Sorry to disappoint. Note I said I was a writer, not Stephen King. But what I'd really like to know Maxx, is what put you under the mistaken impression that I wanted you to take me seriously?
  19. If you're being serious, PM me. Incidentally, I am a twenty year old criminology student.
  20. This is how you fire a pistol-grip shotgun. Just don't be a pussy like Keifer Sutherland and flinch when you do it.
  21. I think everyone finds themselves there from time to time. It never goes away. When your impulse is to put as much down as possible, the only thing you can do is force yourself to give each part the time and consideration it deserves. If you decide to do a NMRIH story for public consumption, I beg you to take it through the full, formal writing process. You won't regret taking the time, and if you don't know anyone qualified to do it, I will.
  22. Good dialogue is never easy, and it's doubly hard in the comic medium. I've been there and done the graphic novel thing; it isn't easy to get it right. But the quality of the dialogue is ultimately what a comic lives and dies by. Trust me - it's worth it to take the time and do what it takes to make it be all it can be. A novel has 100,000 words to saturate the reader, but a graphic novel only has a fraction of that - so those words need to count for a lot more. With comic books, the importance of polish in your text cannot be understated. Sorry to be such a jerk, but I am a writer, and your art is outstanding - it'd break my heart to see it dragged down just because you haven't leveled up your writing perk to the same level.