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  1. He just said what we wanted to hear.
  2. So for you Internet is a " I can be immature, stupid, rude etc...Just because it's the internet and nobody know who I'm " place? Man...
  3. If it's not ironic then let me buy you a drink =D
  4. you mean by this winter
  5. I think that has already been discussed. No?
  6. I want to see this mod released too. But I'm still polite...
  7. Even if the Pongle story isn't a good news, it's good to see that you have a coder under your hand. ( and that you'll work as soon as you get all that stuff back ) NMRIH Will never die oh and I would also say thanks to Cs42886 to keep us informed about the situation and not becoming mad cuz of some stupid ppl. Don't give it up, keep in mind that there is still ppl who believe in u and in the mod.
  8. we just want a " Hello here is a screenshot ! " ...
  9. you like double post, do you?
  10. Thanks for the reply. But I hope you're not like teachers.... Teachers always lied to me
  11. Epi is just a kid.
  12. I see guys from the dev team each day on the forum.... Is that so hard for them to answer?