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  1. i just want you do to die. can you do that?
  2. considering every server will have at least one griefer, anyways. i can't see this being much different, other than the fact that its supposed to happen.
  3. you two are fucking retarded.
  4. we were never promised a compelling story or compelling characters. the characters are supposed to be fairly generic stereotypes- its a horror movie. besides, it's hard to tell a serious story when you have 4 people jumping around spinning and shooting their gun off like retards.
  5. that wasn't a remark about grammar. that was a comment about learning to count. sieg heil!
  6. driving in a 45 mph, going 50, and having an old lady pass me probably going 60. i had to start yelling to grab hold of the situation. also, nearly having a head on collision with someone who decided it'd be a smart idea to try and pass someone while nearing the top of a hill. brilliant.
  7. you son of a bitch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtw4NVMDCYg
  8. RULES AND OFF TOPIC DISCUSSION = http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=3105 (in order of appearance) Vlad = Maxx Dmitri James Tiberius Kazan = stabbity style Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov = Dman757 Ivan = Noobot You awaken in what looks like a public bathroom. You're not entirely sure how you got here, but are certain one of the other three people surrounding you pulled you in here. The last thing you remember was eating lunch in a restaurant when, what sounded like gun shots, rang out in the streets. There was some screaming, and then everyone around you panicked. You must have gotten caught up in the chaos, because everything blacks out after that. You decide to check yourself over, making sure you still have everything that you remember having on your person. (What's your name? What are you wearing? What's your job? What's the 1 item in your pocket?)
  9. you ever play Hostile Intent? there was no on-screen indication of who was alive and who was dead, so teams had to constantly communicate between each other (the game even went so far as to have a default button for "reporting in" and "enemy down"). anyways, having to be in constant communication not only helped the team, but also added to the gameplay. if players didn't report in, that either meant they've gone rogue and you're more likely to have friendly fire, or everyone is dead and you're on your own. i'm fairly certain this is or is going to be a feature. my only complaint would be the 'second chance'. if someone kills another for their weapon, they're probably going to come back with a grudge. i wish there was some way the game could differentiate the way someone dies (whether it was agitated or not) and decide whether they should be given a second chance.
  10. goin' for the low blow. i have no dignity.
  11. Or.. I dunno, shrink it?
  12. 9.

    oh god damn. isn't that problem child 2?
  13. absolute meh. i can't believe mods outside of HL2 use the Doom 3 fat zombie and Might n Magic decayed zombie.
  14. would be neat if they could implement the blood system they have on the weapons for use on the hands. the more you fight/shoot/use items the dirtier your hands get.
  15. lets hit up a game of CYOA = http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=3104 this'll play out sort of like MS Paint Adventures, except there's only 4 main players. the first four people to reply with a character (including name/clothes/job title/and one item) will be the survivors. the objective of the four survivors is to live as long as possible (further objectives will be displaced throughout the game secretly to each survivor). survivors can work together, or choose to kill each other to further their own objectives (however, being a dick won't get you very far). survivors reply with text, i'll reply with a picture of the action and what happens. to keep things interesting we'll have small portions of the game in which everyone else can vote for a specific event to occur (survivors included). this could range from one of the characters dieing, to just a simple door opening. my only rules are to keep the game thread clean. replies to the game only. any questions about the game can be asked here. also, logical replies only; none of the characters have magical powers; this all takes place in a realistic world. no flying, or breaking through walls. remember, if you're not one of the four survivors, then you aren't playing. wait for a community vote, and then you can join in the fun. Okay, the players are: (in order of appearance) Vlad = Maxx Dmitri James Tiberius Kazan = stabbity style Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov = Dman757 Ivan = Noobot
  16. sorry for the delay; been overly busy lately. will have time later tonight to update.
  17. it's a dynamic lighting system (that not a lot of games have- most use static lighting) that doesn't actually use up a lot of resources. i would call that something new.
  18. you've got something stupid in your mouth, and it's not just your words. also, it's pretty bad when i feel more embarassed by the rapper than the white guy bouncing his head in the background.
  19. correction. i wanna bang the bear jew.
  20. god damn i wanna bang eli roth.
  21. lets get this goin'.
  22. You look about the room, initially facing your fellow refugees. They look just as lost and confused as you do. None of them know anymore than you do. You continue your inspection of the room: This isn't the cleanest bathroom you've ever seen, but it's not the worst either. One of the sinks are smashed, and you're pretty sure the toilet is leaking. The door to the stall is locked as well. There's a window above the toilet, but it looks pretty well secured.
  23. multiplayer looks like it's gonna be a clusterfuck.