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  1. Last Active: ...A long time ago :P

  3. Just saw the first episode of Walking Dead, I recall seeing a couple of the comics in Barnes and Noble and was quite impressed, I woulda never expected it to hit tv and with some pretty good pinpoint accuracy to the storyline so far. Saw some episodes of Dead Set too, looks pretty good, runner zombies and what-not but the characters are annoying as FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK.
  4. It really looks like a man in drag. you're all wrong. Its a time traveling man in drag, not some old lady time traveler. That would make no sense why would old ladies go back in time.
  5. It was inevitable
  6. I'd call it my own fault for not being familiar with the area and jumping into the mix so early in the game b4 lvling up. But that's what happens man, sometimes you just run into some bad luck and u learn from your mistakes later on. I ended up finally killing the Tiger and grabbed 2 survivors on my way thru, but on my way taking them back I run into Mr Swedish Chef in the food court area and end up killing both of my survivors, yeah I killed them trying to save them and then get killed myself. And I didn't even get a chance to save prior so I gotta kill that damn Tiger again. And really I think that's how a game should be, you get your ass handed to you over and over until you adapt and you change your techniques and increase your experience, its the only way. I fucking hate games that hold your hand and skip along with you all the way down the linear yellow brick road so you can beat the game in 7 hours and never play it again. Oh you lost your health? Well that's ok just run away and hide for a few seconds until the screen stops pulsing red, its ok we wont let them kill you. And then there's Dead Rising. What you lost your health again like a dumbass? Well, ok here you go, drink all that vodka until you fucking throw up all over the God damn place and maybe you'll learn to bring some bbq ribs with you next time you run into bosses.
  7. Well I've been playing the game, I don't get too much time since work but FUCK THIS GAME IS KICKING MY ASS. I'm trying to save survivors early in the game and I run into the wrong casino with a dumb retard and Bengal Tiger that wants to eat me. I kill the retard super quick, like its not even funnny. But the Bengal Tiger FUCK ME, It keeps sprinting towards me and mauls me and then runs away so I have little time to react and fight it. Then I run out of food and have to resort to drinking beer and whine. NOW I'M PUKING ALLOVER THE PLACE AND GETTING MAULED BY A BENGAL TIGER. I'M FUCKING PUKING ON A BENGAL TIGER WHILE IT MAULS ME TO DEATH IN A PUDDLE OF MY OWN VOMIT. Its an epic battle, I get in close enough every now and then, getting closer and closer to winning, Zombies are running around, slipping on all the vomit I've left on the floor of this casino, I find a security guard zombie with a shotgun and I'm like, alright... LETS FINISH THIS. I grab the shotgun and aim my sights at the Tiger as it runs towards me and as soon as I get ready to pull the trigger and put this Tiger out of commission I DROP MY SHOTGUN AND PUKE ALL OVER THE FLOOR. Bengal Tiger mauls me to death. Game Over. After fighting this Tiger for like a half-hour, and getting him down to like 1 slither of health. I have to fucking puke and botch the whole thing. I guess its nice to see a recent game be balls hard like Nintendo Hard, but fuck it gets frustrating.
  8. Maxx that sounds like a weird glitch, I can tell you this. I did not have that problem, wanna know why? Because I wouldn't have ran down 53,594 zombies for the achievement and Mega Man Blaster if I had to go find a new car every 7 or so feet of bumper to bumper zombies. I will admit I had to change them out quite alot but it wasn't terrible.
  9. Machete is a good movie if you're an illegal immigrant and your fifth little cousin who works at the movie theatre snuck you and your 7 friends in for free. I got to see it for free and I kept having to punish myself for thinking about all the plot holes and errors they've made. I know its suppose to be a grungy grim gritty grind house movie, but I don't like feeling like the movie is punishing me for using my brain and thinking about why certain things don't make any fucking sense.
  10. A better game then anything the Halo franchise will ever produce. Anytime I see the Halo Reach commercial I have to shut the tv off. They might as well make a commercial with Master Chief making out with himself. Bungee is too much in-love with themselves.
  11. Age of Conan Champions: UI Both Just Cause games: I bought the first Just Cause after I beat Mercenaries II, this was very bad considering they are both much of the same, cept Just Cause is shittier. And now that I could muster up the patience to play thru the 2nd Just Cause, why the fuck would I go back to the first one and beat it? It saddens me but I know I'm not missing anything. I don't need to see my in-game mentor roast anymore fucking pigs at a BBQ and speak his shitty Texan narration to me. Alan Wake: I mean it was an ok game but not at the price I bought it for. And now that the game is beaten its like, now what? Lets let it rot on my game stand for the ends of time I guess.
  12. NES: Two NES Consoles, One used and the other still in the box nice and fresh Super Mario Brothas 1 2 and 3 Legend of Zelda Fester's Quest Castlevania Castlevania II Simon's Quest BAD DUDES Adventure Island TMNT, TMNT II Arcade Gauntlet Commando Guerrilla Warfare Double Dragon I and II Deadly Towers "BLAGH" Deja Vu Dragon Warrior Kung Fu Dick Tracy Tetris "Still in the Box" SNES: Super Mario World Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Populous Sim City Sim Earth Final Fight Mortal Kombat UN Squadron "FUCK YEAH" Super James Pond Jeopardy "It came with the console" Star Fox Flash Back Donkey Kong Kountry II Secret of Mana "Still crisp in the box" Super Metroid "Still crisp in the box" Sega Genesis: Sonic I and II Out of this World Mortal Kombat I don't have many Sega games since any used sega controller I buy has shit buttons on them that do not respond well. Still looking for "Haunting" and Splatter House III for Sega and getting my Zombies ate my Neighbors, Turtles in Time and Street Fighter back from my cousin whenever possible. Fucking miss Zombies ate my Neighbors so much.
  13. My theatre just got 3 prints of it yesterday, I was maintaining all 20 projectors during the time and one of the managers wanted to try and get me to build one of them and take one side so I would only have 10 projectors to look after. There was no fucking way I could have managed to build up a print in under an hour while making sure 10 different theaters got their starts on time. The Doofus.
  14. That seems more like demonizing God then propaganda. I don't see how making out God an asshole wanting to kill everyone with angels is Christian propaganda. And Noobot I think you went to that shitty ass movie on purpose so you could type down a riveting rant about what you had to witness. You butt face. :<> I work up in projection in a movie theatre so I have to witness alot of shit when building up movies and dryrunning them. I was forced to watch "An Education" about some 16 yr old girl and some mid 30s guy wanting to get it on with her behind her parents in 50's Britian. But no way in hell would I be forced to see some piece of shit like Legion.
  15. Dawkin's neck freaks me the fuck out, he should stop talking and get a robot voice to do it for him.