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  1. I want to see some dope ass fucking frag movies with some sweet kills and awesome music. GOGOGOGOGO
  2. Trying to explain the end of Mass Effect 3 to my friend while both of us are high. My friend who is filming hasn't finished the game so I am also trying not to spoil the game at the same time. It doesn't go well.
  3. To keep the forum clean, post your firearm or other weapon suggestions here and only here.
  4. Wow I only just noticed this but I'm so happy to hear you made it onto Amazon and finished your production, great stuff!
  5. This is some excellent work! Would you be interested in having your map included in the Halloween map pack?
  6. Hey thanks for the application, the positions on nmrih1 are unpaid as the project is completely free. For nmrih2 we do have paid positions but the requirements are much more strict. If you have work to show, a portfolio or something, feel free to post it up!
  7. Oh hey you're the guy who emailed! Sorry, I was busy on the weekend and then forgot to respond! I will follow-up with you via email.
  8. Unfortunately we didn't make Hammer, Valve did. We can't re-invent it, so there isn't much we can do about it
  9. That's some cool stuff, it's too bad you aren't making those yourself otherwise they'd be fun to throw in!
  10. Hey, I'm glad you're a fan! But unfortunately we do not hire anyone who cannot contribute tangible content or assets to production. There is no room for "idea" people in a small team, everyone needs to be hands-on. Also, NMRiH already have a fully fleshed out lore and mythology, we just don't put it front and center in any way. It's used by us in the background to ground our maps, settings, themes, set-dressing, and in particular, the direction of NMRiH2.
  11. Just because the game is out, doesn't mean we don't need testers to test the new updates
  12. Since it's a full fledged game you've made, we can't allow the use of our assets. Sorry!
  13. it stands for "too long; didn't read" I think that animal rights groups and scientists would lobby to protect some of them, I also think they if dinosaurs came back they wouldn't pose much of a threat realistically because they wouldn't stand a chance between modern microbes and modern technology.
  14. All Survival maps are by definition "open world" because they are entirely non-linear. No More Room in Hell on the Source engine will never support an "open world" map in the context that you are thinking because the technology to support it just isn't there.
  15. Your character meshes are too uniform, which results in a lack of proper surface details over the key points of a character. The silhouettes that you have too are very consistent and uniform, not deviating much from a basic human form. You should try breaking those silhouettes up with some more designing shapes, hard surfaces and unique clothing choices. Another point is that most of these meshes seem to weigh in at over 30k tris. Our characters need to be 8k tris for players, and 5-7k for zombies. I'm also noticing that none of your characters really seem to have real textures put together for them looks more like just zbrush surface painting type materials. Do you have experience doing material bakes, spec maps, etc? I see some of the normal maps look quite good. As a rule of quality and style we need all our materials to be sharp, detailed and with decent saturation. Do you have any experience at all working with Source at all by chance?
  16. maybe it's just me, but the images are almost totally black... and I've calibrated my monitors quite well haha
  17. If it was me that you added and it probably was, I have 238 pending friend invites on my list so I'm sorry that I didn't add you.
  18. Hey Mike, do you by chance have any larger/standalone renders of your work? Just to see your work in better detail. DO you have any prior experience using Source at all? It's a sloppy, old, manually-driven engine that requires a bit of know-how to operate.
  19. We can't use the L4D code for two reasons: the first is legal, we are not legally allowed to take code from and redistribute code from another author without explicit permission, which since it is proprietorially owned by Valve, that is not in our purview. the second is technical. Integrating that code on its own would pose an incredibly difficult task. Have you ever tried to just take the engine from one car and drop it in another? there are bound to be compatibility issues and nothing will line up. It's the same way with code; without the context of the L4D code around it, that randomizer code would be completely useless. It's something we've looked in to in the past, and it was ruled out for those reasons.
  20. The black background is a bug in the texture - it's SUPPOSED to be alpha'd out but someone left a parameter out of the material file so it shows up black. They wear Mutlicam because our game doesn't take place in the present day per se, it takes place at a point where ACU has been retired as the primary uniform (which is already the plan) We leave insignia for company off of them on PURPOSE because it "places" them too much, ie, restricts their use visually. On top of that it is more important for us from a GAMEPLAY perspective to focus on the rank insignia instead of company patches because it is important for the human versions of the NG when they are implemented, players will need to know the ranks of the soldiers because of the Squad AI structure.
  21. HAHAHAHAHA that was a ctually pretty funny lol
  22. Wow always happy to see new fans! Thanks so much for the kind words