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  1. rip

    im live
  2. What is this. Please explain. Is this vocaloid stuff?
  3. Oh jesus this guy.
  4. I hated it at first. Now I realize what blizz did. They recognized that there were certain elements of the MOBA genre that just weren't fun. If you have HOTS add me: pizza#1900
  5. Yeah, but paul walker
  6. Which is the best Fast and Furious movie? Mines 3 Which is the best hair style for Paul Walker? Def 1 Besides Paul Walker, who's the best character? Han. You think Paul Walker was gay for Vin Diesel? It certainly seemed that way. Okay your turn now. Pay tribute.
  7. I liked.
  8. It doesn't seem like a good game.
  9. I'm taking a break so I can finish my novel at lightspeed. BUT. I really feel Windranger, Doom and Clinkz. Lately I've been liking Queen of Pain too. I don't believe I'm skilled enough to hang with you nigz in ranked, and I also can't stand the fuckin peruvians and russians and non-english motherfuckers. Like... even they dont want to play with their own people.
  10. Yeah son, that's what I'm fukken talkin bout.
  12. I am the clit commander, you bitch.