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  1. Contra-Punk
  2. Can a faggot command the clit? Discuss.
  3. The Rise of the Triad 2013 soundtrack has some pretty funky tracks that take the great old MIDIs in new directions. A lot of remixes of Doom tracks etc. don't work for me, but I have no complaints about Hulshult's work on ROTT '13. The originals: "Spray" still holds up today, fuck the GUI generation.
  4. Cone thighs make me moist like grandma's cookies.
  5. So those maps... interesting themes you got there... seems something is missing though... can't quite put my finger on it...
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6daJpD07iW0
  7. I was drinking a glass of milk while reading your review, and instead of it coming out of my nose from laughing, I inhaled it and started to drown. That would've been embarrassing had I died.
  8. For like a quarter of the year the internet was on fire with how shitty this game turned out to be. How did you miss it, son?
  9. Yeah, I gave up and sold it.
  10. Like baseball cards only with pngs on them that you could find in 10 seconds with Google. Personally I have two "Gordon and Alex" cards and would like to trade one for either: "Gordon Freeman", "Bring the fight to them", "Trouble Underground" or "Respite." If you can spare one of these, send me a PM and we'll get naked on Skype add each other Steam friends. Anyone else looking to trade these Beta cards, by all means post below.
  11. Xen is Zen. If a tree falls in an unseen visleaf and get's culled, does it make a sound?
  12. Did you forget the actual... you know... content? Oh I see, it's a teaser for the teaser for the patch.
  13. World War Z is probably Mel Brooks' funniest comedy. Much better than his previous work.
  14. Since some of the Newtown folks were invited to attend the marathon and became witnesses to both events, some conspiracy nuts say it's all connected, man! False flag, bro, false flag! BLACK HELICOPTERS ARE DROPPING BOMBS ON US!