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  1. I added a new logo. Done by someone on the dev team. It's pretty.
  2. in mother russia lawsuits ... don't fucking work.
  3. You'll be fine. ... just don't ever get clingy. Most women aren't worth it.
  4. done! I'm not going to be in .
  5. I've fixed that process . Applying for jobs should work now (let me know if it doesn't). ... as for boomstick - I'll review your submission sometime this week.
  6. Current ETA: Summer 2008
  7. we'll let you all know when we're ready for beta-testers .
  8. I can't watch this film until the 1st of Feb. How lame is that?
  9. as cool as the choas you described would be ... that's a rather a lot of NPC's and would need to be scaled down before it could be brought forward. we have plans to have the milary involved, but not for the first release.
  10. Insurgency was #1 released mod . something for my resume .
  11. maybe give some of Vet's admin powers (but take it away if they fuck around).
  12. yea, I'm formatting my Vista laptop tonight. XP FTW.
  13. damn, I'll be out of the country!
  14. much love!
  15. I just saw the first two episodes - it's ok. I do like the overall feel of the thing but I don't like how John Connor and Sarah Connor have been cast and written. They're too soft round the edges in person and whiney in the script. Where are is the miltary style mother and the smart mouth, street-smart, quick-thinking John ? In John's case we appear to have a whiny football player and keeps asking his mother for a hug.