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  1. Actually their office was broken in to and everything stolen. And as of right now, they're back to where they were, plus a ton of other content, and new systems. The game is looking incredible right now.
  2. I wasn't sure if you were talking about Battle Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics. Now I realize it's neither.
  3. Look at it this way. You're infected, but white blood cells keep it at bay, it lies dormant. As soon as you die, it massively reproduces and takes over. If you get bitten, that virus is in the zombie's saliva as well, and it's gone straight into your blood stream. It can take over easily, and much quicker. A side effect of this virus taking over must be flu-like, getting weak, etc until it kills you. Scratches would possibly turn you if you're already weak, or just speed things along. Then again, it'd mean getting a normal flu, somehow, would probably be a death sentence because your body would get weak, and the virus would take over.
  4. The problem with your idea here, is that while yes, adjusting for inflation it may have cost about $66. Unfortunately, Income has not adjusted with inflation. At all. We're getting paid less than we were before, if you take inflation into account. Unfortunately.
  5. I believe Shane was infected, period. He sliced his hand open on the BUS, with a very blood caked knife. Like, it paused on that knife. So you'd see. Plus, the entire last half of this last episode he was freaking breathing like a walker.
  6. Yay! We're in the April 2012 issue as well, part of their GotY 2012 awards section for MotY.
  7. Looks great to me, I'm down with it. Borderlands was amazing, fantastic game. This looks like that times twelve. With some wubwub.
  8. It's been released, it's been on the shelf at more store for about 3 weeks now
  9. PS Vita games are CHEAPER if you DL them than if you buy them at a retail store. Sounds like a win to me. Of course, you'll have to pay tons of money for the card.
  10. The 2500k and my MB are both overclocking designed, so I'll definitely be ramping my cpu up when I get it. Might Get an aftermarket fan as well, we'll see. As I stand now, I have a 2.8 ghz Core2Quad q6600, and 4gb of pc800 ddr2. So uh, yeah. Big upgrade for me.
  11. I will be playing a lot in a week or so when I get my Core i5 2500k, Asus MB, and 16gb of Pc1600 ram. To go along with that GTX560TI I bought. I love tax returns.
  12. Nice! I'm going to buy it when we get our paychecks Tuesday. Might think about that myself
  13. My goal was for you to freak out Maxx. Hardcore. Glad you did .
  14. Nice one Paladin. PC Gamer Digital I take it?
  15. Game is amazing, very very well done. Smuggler storyline was superb, I'd like to do the others. But then I'd have even less of a life than I have now.