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  1. I further extend the wastes of my dominion, and create a lifegiving rainfall in one particular region along the coast. The rains contain all that is needed for plantlife to begin to grow without soil and make lush plant growth finally possible. When I see this cradle of life, I know that the time is right. Rhaeka ends her wandering and returns to the rainland. With a single uttered command, the sands of the wastes sweep into the air in a storm that shades the land below it. The uplifted sands then begin to coalesce, until slowly it becomes clear that they are forming into bipedal shapes. When the storm settles and lowers a new race of intelligent creatures is on the sands of my dominion, the Dogesce, bony-skinned bipeds with washed out features, and four arms in the image of my Hands. This race is conniving and intelligent, and seems to find itself naturally attracted to the vertical cliffs that dot the wasted landscape, where they are safe from hungry wurms of the desert floor and can scale the uneven rock-face with ease. (For reference, something like this image plus how I've described them here) 29 -2(x2) for terrain editing -2(x1) for climate editing -22(x1) for race creation 1 point remaining
  2. 2d6+19
  3. 2d6+12
  4. Seeing my lands sunken into the sea, I shift my focus to a small island off the coast of the most active landmass. I raise a land bridge out of the sea and then set about reforming what was lost. The everflowing river again bursts from under the newly formed desert sands. A flatter, harsher desert is born, with the flora and fauna of the old. Silently, my Hands roam and observe the life, taking special care to watch how the giant wurms are progressing. 22-2-2-2-2-2=12. I'll save the last 12 points.
  5. 2d6+15
  6. Brings my total to 15 points, and I think I'll rest on that power for now.
  7. 2d6
  8. 12 +3 from previous turn = 15 pts As Rhaeka begins to travel the lonely wastes I see that her form is imperfect, the embodiment of only a part of my will. To complete my presence I summon forth another creation from the sands. As the dust settles the figure of Tyrian can be clearly seen, similar to her sister creation save that where Rhaeka was without a countenance, Tyrian has a grim skull just visible under her blind. Tyrian the Ravenous, the Right Hand of Kalos, is born. I seed my domain with species of cattle-like prey, and a large predator species of sandwurm. Seeing the groundwork well-laid, I rest. -10 Avatar 5 points remaining
  9. 2d6+3
  10. My roll has changed three times so fuck it, I'm going with the middle roll of the three. 11+2 from last turn =13 I focus my will on a single point, and with all my strength the sands begin to rise and take form. From the dust forms a humanoid figure that floats lightly over the wastes. No face is visible under the simple shawl she wears but a voice emanates from under the cloak, with none around to hear it. Rhaeka the Broker, the Left Hand of Kalos, now travels the world. 13-10=3 pts remaining
  11. 2d6+2
  12. 2d6+1: 2+5+1 = 8 More of the land is formed into desert, and an everflowing river rises from amongst the wastes, racing towards the ocean. Within this river and the harbor, life begins to teem in the form of rather plain looking fish species, some predatory and some feeding on the newfound plantlife. 8-3-3=2 pts remaining
  13. 2d6+1
  14. Finding myself in an unfamiliar land, I smile, and the ground turns to desert sand beneath me as I walk. When I desire a change in scenery I tear out the earth before me and form a harbor on the coast. (Total cost -6, end points 0)
  15. 2d6