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  1. That's pretty badass. How about a 10,000,000 candlepower high beam setting for a motorcycle headlamp?
  2. None of the above. Smoke some pot and watch the sunset.
  3. I for one look forward to your efforts - my eyesight is not bad enough, and I look forward into squinting into my 7" nexus to blast zombies.
  4. No hate, only love. However, I question the overall aim of this tale. Expected more paintball, zombies.
  5. I wrote about 5 responses to this topic, each varying in how I pointed out the irony of this situation. In the end, imma just lock this.
  6. wow. i missed out on some shit, that is lulzy as all get out.
  7. It's good to see people crawling out of the woodwork! welcome back KK
  8. On my first boot-up of NMRiH in about a year and a half: I ran through the attic in cabin picking up weapons. Got too close to the overturned chair next to the table, clipped through it, halfway through the floor, and died. I guess the game's getting back at me for being away for so long.
  9. thread of the century edit/ and it's only 2013
  10. I kinda wanted it to be a surprise, but its gonna take forever to get here. Walther P99AS ...watch this space haha
  11. I wanted to bump this topic : P Went to local distributor today and special ordered a pistol. 4-6 months and it'll be mine D: Anyone in US able to find 9mm on the shelf? It's still a ghost town around here.
  12. ghaww : )
  13. whelp, somehow i managed to avoid the entire series before last week. I've now tucked 30+ hours into each part of the trilogy. HOW COULD THEY END IT LIKE THIS I know, mad old, but this dude is experiencing it for the first time. please reveal personal feelings, hypotheses, etc. : (
  14. I had to do this with Heavy Rain Good news on the state of decay front though. any game where I get to cap a zombie with an M1 is game enough for me. Thanks!
  15. This game was kickass, super over-the-top in every conceivable way. Beat it 85% complete, but haven't played since. Not a lot to do after endgame. Fun romp through though. I especially liked the Haddaway...the opening mission had me in tears of laughter too.