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  1. Hey there, I was just thinking, how will these weapons/tools be implemented? Can you cut a zombie's leg off? Will it be able to effect static objects or barricades? Maybe a bit far fetched, but is it possible in the Source engine to cut a board to the right length etc.? How do you guys think these weapons/tools should or will be implemented in the game?
  2. Why don't we have this marvelous channel on TV in Holland, WHY!?
  3. Discuss my band http://www.myspace.com/metalremains (again) New demo coming up + t-shirts + 10 day tour.
  4. 1:25 Extremely honest.
  5. You did it.
  6. I would own him x 48239740923840384024^999
  7. I didn't, seriously. I did that for the Desert Combat forums waaaaaaay back. But thanks for the compliment, can I get a job at Rockstar now?
  8. Too much text for a lame topic Joe. NEXT.
  9. Infr4mer, you twat. Can I be the head designer of the review site? I got some mad paint skills. Proof:
  11. It has been a fun what... year that I've been here ITS ALL WORTH IT GODDAMNIT, ITS REAL TO ME!
  12. I want to see your anorexic body NOW.
  13. I volleyball 2 times a week (training) and 1 match almost every Saturday. Besides that I work, which is pretty tough ie. carrying heavy stuff up stairs which actually made me lose weight and gained more strength in the legs allready. Have been doing 35-40 pushups every evening on work days for the past 3 to 4 months.
  14. I will join ze forces! But I'm not going to play with AN02 untill he gets a FUCKING MICROPHONE!!! <3 for Infr4mer for my birthday topic.
  15. http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=U3cfINwk3pE Hahaha, I'll give you some of my fucking pain!
  16. Damn that was awesome hahaha. Pic is cool too!
  17. Necro N.E.R.D. Little John > Only because of "Stop Fuckin' With Me". He used a slayer riff. And some Dutch stuff.
  18. I'll get a pic as soon as I get new strings. I got a Jackson Dinky DXMG in black. Digitech Metal Master pedal and a 15 watt Kustom amp.
  19. Ehm.. http://www.left4deadmods.com Just check that out and read it.
  20. I have the demo now but through torrents, shame I can't play with you guys. Ah well, 22 November then
  21. You knew this game was coming for at least six months why didn't you save?