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  1. Would i be able to say i was a lurker
  2. Oh my god. Thats so good i can't describe it with words. I hate hope my shitty computer can play it when it comes out...
  3. Thats good
  4. This mod may never come out. But we should atleast thank the devs for atleast trying. They didnt throw out a shitty demo like most people would have done to stop people from complaining. They just kept trying to make a good mod. They wasted real time they could have been doing other stuff to make a good mod. I would like to thank every dev for devoting your time to this mod. Thank you.
  5. Your a total fucking cunt. You come here to complain. Now i dont post here much but this is worth it. Your a fuckin lazy ass who doesnt know how to do any of this shit but you sit behind you little computer and complain. FUCK YOU.
  6. I was wondering if it would work well for css models but if no ones heard of it its really a pointless question to ask lol
  7. I finally get bored enough to go to your guys vent and no one. Ive just been lurker here for like 2 or 3 years now WHERE IS EVERYONE
  8. In school we have been working with caligari truespace is this a good program for modeling?
  10. What ever happened to the zombie show that was suppose to come out? I havent seen anything about it in like a year i think.
  11. Wow.. i just saw this movie and it was great. The only part i didnt like was where jack died.
  12. Fuck the giants. Me and my friend were pissed that we could of had a record but we fucked up on the superbowl that blows dick.
  13. "hey farva whats the name of that restaurant with the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks? You mean shenanigans? ohhhhh.
  14. The next person to say shenanigans gets pistol whipped.
  15. anyone else happy we havent heard from jakkar lately?