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  1. http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advoca...stival-resumes/ Click for some brutal Canadian Sportage.
  2. Louis? is that you?
  3. Lol ? he deletes his own posts? That's sounds more like UziSoft's material.
  4. I believe you mean 4554
  5. Its called brute force hacking. 1.someone downloads a working brute force hacker for steam, which is used like logging system 2. they download a word log or make their own (a word log is all possible combinations made with letters and numbers in a text file) 3. they use your enter your user name then they and press start so then the program will continuously try logging on with each combination of letters( inside of the word log ) till it gets the right one and logs in. 4. they have your account good bye vidya games. Edit: The downside to this type of hacking is that it could take a year for the hacker to find the right password.
  6. I just got my account back!!!!! Fuck Ya!!!!! Steam support takes a while but they get it done!
  7. According to them, your opinion is not valid.
  8. It's not craaazy, it's just Awesome!
  9. Yup.
  10. http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2009/03/will-conficker.html I'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen, but think of the possibilities. Discuss. Edit: I mean Wednesday. lol.
  11. Spoilers.... Maybe? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFa7v9MQn6w...M-exp_fresh+div
  12. Oldsmobile.
  13. FUCK YEAH!
  14. Uzi that is cause you fail at sending tickets. I have friends that have had their account stolen and it took 2 days to get back.
  15. Really now? I helped get his account back.
  16. This sucks big time. Filefront was my Primary download source.
  17. Lol? That brightened my mood a bit. Still I don't think I called anyone a Faggot. Edit: Infr4mer I have an extra steam account, whats your friends name again so I may add you on this one?
  18. Thats True. Im fucking raging right now, i have my cd key for my hl2 so i should have it back soon. The guy changed my friends name to GeNexis, fucking bitch I would fucking kill that guy if I saw him in RL.
  19. If it was a Pink Mountain it would be.
  20. That includes images searching, and I was using a shitty Pc in my web design class so it does take a while for even internet explorer to start up.
  21. Well i did say it was shitty, and did take me no more than 10 minutes. Oh and don't post that shit any forums besides this one.
  22. Check out this shitty banner I made in my web design class, took me about 10 minutes.
  23. I like that name.
  24. How bought a ventrilo meeting Fgt.