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  1. Dude eater if someone in your school had contracted the swine flu they would have been forced to close down the school. Also a 33 year old women died of the swine flu in texas. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090506/ap_on_...swine_flu_texas
  2. But it was in texas.
  3. OH SHI- JOE IS BACK! I was wondering where you went.
  4. Happy Birthday Maxx. You get no cake.
  5. Dude we should seiously play city of heros together ive heard that youve guys played it before with each other. Ive been bored latly and if we all start playing im pretty sure this would be alot of great fun.
  6. Um ya it was confirmed.
  7. VS.

    Me. Mainly cause he was Killed In Action by yours truly.
  9. Sure I'll join the SG
  10. just started playing again.
  11. A 24 month old child died because of the swine flu in the US
  12. Fuck you guys. #1 Im cuban, not mexican #2 There are no pig around me If anything we should keep Relic away from us... fucking dirty mexican Relic.
  13. So you can eat them afterward.
  14. Wow.
  15. It's cause you are cheap bastard and bought a game stop refurbished one didn't you.
  16. If they make you pay just keep screaming at them "that this is bullshit" and shit like that till they finally let you send it for free.
  17. VS.

    Really fucking dumb people who can't understand trolling I'm only stating this cause you are the perfect example noobbot. Congratz you won. Can we be friends now plz?
  18. VS.

    Home made chocolate chip cookies!!! also Maxx you know you already asked Star Trek or Star Wars in this thread?( page 4 ) Anime Vs Manga ( rofl i are not serious)
  19. Happy Birthday you guy.
  20. VS.

    Yahtzee/Fully Ramblomatic Cake vs Pie
  21. VS.

    Martial Arts Vs. Sword Fighting