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  1. shenanigans
  2. Very long threads are not what i like 2 be reading but it was great nice job.
  3. lol that was pretty funny i love the scream!
  4. DUDE it would be amazing if you could cut off zombie parts with melle by using certain weapons like chainsaw or katana
  5. Twilight is back in the works
  6. OMG EPIC!
  7. OMG Veggie abusers i hate you
  8. I think the basic should apply to this like only if below the waste it chops off both legs if above waist chops off arms or heads
  9. MORE QUOTES less explaining
  10. I actually find alot of this article relative to the the other mods that have died like D.E.A.D. mod or Resident Evil Twilight
  11. This Mod woops Zp:s even though this has not come out yet this is going to have a better game play aspect
  13. Hope fully we would be on mod world section of game informer it will probably get us some more members.
  14. i hate you
  15. ... This is flea's idea dont go takin his creditzor.
  16. i just got to level 9 25% Woot!
  17. VERY FUN MOD ! I like the concept of team work in the mod if you dont use it you have the same chance of surviving as A HOBO WITH A FUCKING STICK!
  18. Dawn Of The Dead remkae FTW! also Shaun Of The Dead and 28 Weeks Later
  19. I HATE YOU !!!!!! I WAS STUCK 30 MINS TRYING TO PAS THE QUALYFING ROUND! *edit* I just got to level 4 30% this game is addicting but very fucking hard
  20. Some spy wanted to show a scout that he can also throw and stab. AND RELIC WTF
  21. What the fuck! Why would anybody copy the same thing they see in a game in real-life i think they should get the 48 year sentence for what they did to the 7 year old. :bad:
  22. how bout a realistic map with like a bar, hotel , gun store, and a police station and you spawn like on the streets and look for some were to baracade and hold off the oncoming waves. But dont make the pd or the gun store 2 overpowerd make it like haveing 3 pistols and like 2 shotguns while pd has only radios and pistol ammo probly a magnum or somthing, and the bar would let you make a molitov cocktails.
  23. um pretty crappy trailer just were alot of clips with not even good lip syncing its was like watching a Japanese movie translated to English their lips kept movie even after they said something.