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Everything posted by cyninja3

  1. I've seen this movie before, you guys defiantly need to see it.
  2. VS.

    Then answer this one Maxx
  3. I'm going to download this when released.
  4. VS.

    Walking cause I'm not a clown. Clown Vs. Dman (Scare Factors I mean)
  5. Played it. It sucked.
  6. No.
  7. Time To begin the slaughtering of furries.
  8. VS.

    I'd have to go with Lee Harvey Oswald mainly cause he would magic bullet John Wilkes Booth. And also JKF Reloaded. Doughnut vs. Cheese Cake
  9. Only gun. In my house.
  10. Look for a thread before starting a new one. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=2210
  11. VS.

    Alternative vs. Ban uzi from life vs ban uzi from life
  12. VS.

    Bass, because I enjoy the sound of a bass guitar more than the sound of a drum. Also fuck the rules! I do what I want.
  13. VS.

    NMRIH, no reason needed.
  14. You can't rape Joe. You can't rape the willing.
  15. VS.

  16. VS.

    Sandwich Vs. Fried Chicken
  17. Im keeping my eye on this game.
  18. Back off he's mine.
  19. A rapist getting raped.... Irony Has striked again. Edit: i would only come if i could use this.
  20. Because i wuv you.
  21. Eskill.... You want to meet Joe in RL, are you not afraid of rape! You must be a mad man!
  22. When i saw these pictures my brain began to smile, then it Luled!. More please.
  23. This is excellent news! This is deffinatly going to release this summer at this rate. ( At least a beta that is )