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  1. It's been actually six years since I last posted anything on here, I came on here today just to see how everyone is doing and if any of the old timers still browse this forum. I saw that the vent was down(or probably just changed IPs), just looking to possibly reconnect with everyone. Nostalgia is an odd thing, it brings out the want for something old and familiar but you never know what to do once you get it.
  2. I only said I'm in because of Calvin and Hobbes
  3. Argh wrong movie
  4. I'm in.
  5. Yo Joe glad your back. Uzi is going to love this
  6. I just read that post of mine from long ago.... apparently, 2 years ago I was a retard who couldn't spell or make sense of anything.
  7. I once lit a teddy bear on fire with a blowtorch, it was fun till its eye melted then the melted plastic fell on my hand which gave me a burn mark on my left hand.
  8. F-22
  9. ok so this is how it works find an image or make an image yourself of the next number to come, the number must be actually shown so lets say for the number 542 you must find an image with either 542 people or the number made of items, people or as part of a symbol. I'll start this off.
  10. Same thing happened to me....
  11. Noobbot, Just cause i love you!
  12. Awesome cause its Hobbs. 8/10
  13. I just fucking exploded in my pants.