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  1. im kinda want to play this.... like now
  2. yeah this is getting a little long, im willing to wait, it would be dumb of me to demand anything from you guys when you have done so much already, i just want to know you didn't forget about this
  3. your kidding right?
  4. thats a kick in the crotch for turtle rock studios
  5. this is the wire frame for the table and this is the wire frame for my previous model
  6. my 3rd model i just made, its still being worked on.
  7. Gun

    lol, cool, looks like it would be amazing for team fortress. kinda look a cartoonish. great job
  8. i know, thats why i didnt say modeler. i said modder. lol easy mistake. thanks you, and i will, as far as i know it was spot on, i had about 20 photos from all diffrent angles, the only thing that is off that i know of is the handle. but i know what you mean, i still just looks off. thank you very much for the feedback.
  9. lol thanks. good to hear from a modder lol thanks, ya it still needs quite a bit of work. but in the end im sure it will be great. thanks for the feedback, both of you
  10. i have just recently become interested in 3d modeling, i have finished 1 and still working on another. note thees are my very first and very second model. this is my very first, its a smoke grenade this is my second 3d model, i have many more photos of a laps from when i started to were i am now. i would right more but im tired so here it is