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  1. Could you post some screenshots?
  2. I'd recommend: *More RAM, at least 16GB *Faster HDD, 5400RPM is awfully slow for desktop *Bigger SSD, 256GB would be roomier and a bit faster
  3. Those feels are wrong though!
  4. Keep the skybox, I'm sure we can fix it. The fog/lighting looks really nice.
  5. Imgur.com, I use that for image-uploading.
  6. Great looking stuff man, I like the looks and theme you're going for. Keep up the good work!
  7. I was hoping for some cool re-creation of the "Ravingholdm".
  8. Please, embed them into forums so we don't have to click links. It makes my finger muscles hurt when there's million (13) links to mid-click to open in new tab. The screenshots are also dark. Anyway, to the actual point of the topic: Map seems to be simple and blocky, also quite open. Add some obstacles and places where zombies can come from and surprise players occasionally. You seem to have the idea of basic-blocking-out though, which is a good thing. Too many times people just slam stuff and spend too much time on stuff that could be tested in way less time and re-iterated quickly if needed.
  9. I'd recommend having actual ingame screenshots, because then you can see the scene in action and decide the need for more detail if it already looks good. You might sometimes waste effort in detailing some dark corner or other spots where player isn't even looking at during normal playthrough.
  10. Remember to make your own thread then so you can update your first-post with new content whenever you feel like.
  11. Just came here to say, that entdata can exceed 100%. I think it's 107% in Chinatown (was 130%). Few tips to decrease entdata (you might know these already though): *Less dynamic props (physics are dynamic) as possible. *Less cables/ropes. *Shorter names for I/O system used for triggering entities and their commands ("building1_hallway2_fire6" could be just "bld1_h2_f6". Not sure how far you have to go with this to have significant improvement, but good thing to keep in mind). *Less named lights (when light_spot, light or any light is named, it becomes dynamic even if it's not being told to do anything ever). *Less sprites/glows. *Less sounds (use env_soundscape instead of a lot of ambient_generics). *Less env_fire. *Less smokeclouds (the "brush fog", not env_fog_controller). Hope that helps you get further with your vision you have for your map!
  12. Actually, this one's mine (old "Suburbs" was Survival, this one's Objectives). I blocked out quickly the idea I had and uploaded it to dev-build for checking it out and all, but there was a mistake by someone and it was uploaded to the release in Steam. So yea guys, please don't go "fixing" this map, as I'm going to be working on it once I'm done with Emergency and all the million other projects.
  13. Oh fuck, these are my work in progress maps!
  14. Seems it's going to be released today: http://store.steampowered.com/app/341940/
  15. If you haven't played KF1, then I'm quite sure it's difficult to follow the story in KF2. For example, some dialog-choices may refer to stuff that happened in the first one.
  16. Alrighty man, thanks for these!
  17. I guess you mean navigation mesh with the "so the zombies know they can't go there anymore" -explanation? To generate new one, you type "nav_generate" in console. Although, you could just use "nav_delete" on the areas that need new ones, then "nav_mark_walkable" that area and "nav_generate_incremental" so it just creates new navmesh on the areas not having one but accessible by AI. Here's more about navigation-mesh for Source: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Navigation_Meshes
  18. Could you fix the links so that they're not routed through Steam Community? Quite annoying to open images in tab and then go each link one-by-one clicking on "Continue to external site" because it thinks I went through Steam Community to check those. Otherwise, can't say much of your work. They're ports which I'm not too much fan of, but they seem to be functional, so good job on that. I'd rather see re-makes/re-creations of the maps though, than straight ports with only "vital replacements" (like textures and props that are not available).
  19. No, you don't need Source SDK Base 2007 for NMRiH anymore. Hammer for NMRiH can be launched by just double clicking on the "No More Room in Hell" in Steam and then choosing "Run Hammer Editor" (the Steam-standalone version, not the overly outdated version that was acting as a Source mod). Currrently NMRiH is using the Source 2013 branch of the code, so I don't know how it would work with stuff from 2007 and how you would even have them working together.
  20. Thanks for the kind words. <3
  21. Northway is meant to be different kind of survival map in a way that you're not supposed to be escaping it, but actually claiming it.
  22. The Beretta animation looks really cool, but kind of "odd" as the slide-back part feels like it's not there. I just feel it should have more focus on it (as in, not to have anything else move on axises at the same time).
  23. Oh Joe.. <3 Yes, that's a crap-arse map I've been working on for CSGO. It's all dev textured because.. it's early progress. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=255835701
  24. Oh yea, should've mentioned you guys: I already added HoliestCow in Steam earlier this week and gave him small task to do.