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  1. I just thought I'd drop in to say how proud I am of you all.
  2. You're all are such trolls.
  3. Going old school, dawg. Who wit me?
  4. Hey

    Welcome backk reaperrrmannnnnn
  5. Actually, Jesus didn't want to die at all. He wanted to continue spreading the word of God and loving all those around him. The Pharisees and Jewish didn't believe that he was the Son of God and wanted him dead. Judas, one of his disciples who was controlled by the devil gave him away to the officials. The thing is, Jesus knew his time would come. He knew that he needed to die for human kind or there would be no hope for us. Joe, if do believe in Jesus or God. Than you wouldn't need to look for suicide for that rush. You would become even more of a believer in Christ and realize that the world hates believers in Christ and to step out in faith takes a lot of true balls.
  6. This is really sad... and darth_bush is putting that Dawn of the Dead map up for L4D. I still love you guys.
  7. L4D

    wtf double le post.
  8. L4D

    All I have to do is wait till exams are over... than go to Hong Kong and play all day and all night... hmmm..
  9. True dat. Honestly, not a big fan of French Canadiens. srsly. learn le englis.
  10. The Ultimate my cock knockoff. I'm proud of my people. http://www.engadget.com/2008/10/24/keepin-...s-and-iorganes/ Wait till the end, it's worth it.
  11. Because they have a huge fan base. I'm sure loads of former Diablo players will get it.
  12. Amazing indeed. One of the top zombie films IMO. Honestly though, American remakes have a tendency of sucking... hard.