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  1. Wait, so NMRiH is dead? Ouch.
  2. OH LOL THATS FUNNY. How is the PS3 better than the 360?
  3. I was referring to that.
  4. The RPG's been here for a long time now. You can't just swoop in and tell everyone to abandon it.
  5. ... I hate you guys. Christ I want that game.
  6. Look at it this way. No matter how bad it is, no matter how shitty your life appears and feels, you don't know what the next day will hold. Maybe it'll be worse, yeah... but there's just as good a chance that it'll turn out better. Maybe in a few years, your life will be at such a high that you won't be able to understand how you felt a few years earlier. Unless, of course, you commit suicide. Then it doesn't matter what the next day will bring, you're gone either way. Think about that if you ever feel like shit again.
  7. It was very good. I loved how SHIELD was introduced.
  8. ... Huh? What do you mean?
  10. The RPG must be dying for some particular reason. What's the problem guys?
  11. It's entirely possible it'll be like that... so? Lost Odyssey pulled it off perfectly. Besides, MGS4 could just implement an installation feature for the 360 like DMC4 on the PS3. That way most of the data will be on the console, not the CD.
  12. They can't port it to the Wii, for obvious reasons. It's unlikely they'll port it to the PC, what with the debacle the MGS1 PC port was. Their only option for a port is the 360. I can... almost guarantee you this: MGS4 will be on the Xbox sooner or later. If not, the PC. Either way, so long as I don't need to get a PS3 to play it, I'll be happy.
  13. You obviously don't know what a selection is. Of course a console is going to have a few bad games, but not necessarily a bad selection. Similarly, a console can have a bad (or GOD-AWFUL, in the PS3's case) selection, but still have a few good games. Hell yes I like Uncharted, and it'd make my day to see it ported to the 360. This won't happen what with Naughty Dog, but it's still a dream. And I don't recall defending the 360 OR the Wii. So how does that make me a fanboy? I only ever buy one console, and this is how I progressed. Playstation Playstation 2 Xbox 360 Every generation, I made sure to get the best console available. First, that was the Playstation (I also really liked the N64, but still). Then, the PS2. And now, I have a 360. I measured up the Xbox against the 3rd incarnation of my traditional console, and to my surprise, the 360 won in spades. Nowadays, it's a tie between the 360 and the Wii... and which one you pick, depends on your taste in games, just as it should be. The Wii's avenue is quirky little party and minigames that make good use of the controller. With a lot of people, you'd probably get a better experience out of the Wii than the 360. The 360's avenue is more hardcore, in-depth games, primary FPS'es but steadily RPG's as well. What's the PS3's avenue? Low framerates and exclusives that disappear at the speed of light. @Scaryzombie Until it gets ported to the 360, which it will. Either it will be ported because it isn't raking in enough money on the PS3, or it will be ported ordinarily like the other MGS games. Each and every one has been ported to a different console (or PC) at one point or another.
  14. First I've heard of it. Since when does everyone hate me? Indifferent maybe, but not hate.
  15. Adults Only, seeing as to how he posted it directly after I whined bot being able to get it.