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  1. Not up yet, there was one on there but I cancelled it.
  2. No! hah Sorry for the misunderstanding! It's actually a full new mod for hl2mp in progress. This is our team page for fpsb. haha Hell no! I haven't seen a reason to map for CSS: ZM Anymore. http://www.fpsbanana.com/studios/5752
  3. Well I'm not really rushing to do any of this...I haven't seen anything new with this so I'm not really putting very much of my time into this...Also I've been busy Mapping for the ZombieMod: Source team. We're in private beta
  4. What happend to the updates? They were coming at us like mad then all of the sudden stopped.
  5. Oh, I didnt know that. Well I guess Ill have to convert a shit load of textures and stuff. Anyways new screens will be up soon.
  6. thanks
  7. Update #1 is out Check Page 1
  8. hah who ever said it was dead........not dead...just going very slowly...I've been working a shit ton lately and haven't had hardly anytime to work on it but I think it looks good. This will be finished don't worry and don't fret.
  9. Sick as hell... Keep it up!
  10. nice shit man.
  11. This map is awesome so far man...Keep the updates coming.. I like where this is going.
  12. Very nice.. keep it up!
  13. Gun

    I was going for a Mac 10 then it developed into something else and then eventually looks like something not even related to a mac10. And this is my 2nd model...and its not done.... Anyways here it goes.
  14. Yeah this is my firs model...it took about an hour...im having trouble skinning it though because im trying to learn to UV MAP
  15. looking good.