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  1. He's giving constructive criticism, it doesn't do anyone any good by replying with a stupid post. Maybe you don't understand the reason behind games released in beta. Games which are released in beta are done so solely for the fact of: showing proof of content, searching for bugs and flaws in game play and opening a floor for criticism. If you're not willing to reply with a post of substance, why reply at all?
  2. Uhm, I apologize such a massive bump but... Why do you guys jump to the conclusion that I meant a text base Roleplay? I was speaking more along the lines of upgrades and player progression which could be handled per-server. I.E. Weapons found could be saved along with ammo, map position, map items and ability to unlock different sections of map? Maybe you guys shouldn't have shot down my suggestion so quickly, but hey RPG's are gay, right: ?
  3. I'll cut straight to the chase, has the team ever thought of Role play possibilities for the game, if so will it be implemented upon release? Local text-chat, radio functions, containers&inventories etc.. Maybe even character tables in which a server host can save Characters locally? Discuss, Roleplay?
  4. Yeah, well...
  5. Would it be reasonable to have an option to have player collision on or not before the map starts? Collision could cause some griefing in some situations
  6. Will players be able to walk through other players like in TF2?
  7. What is your name? Commander How can we contact you? Steam - Kubosu, AIM - YRYURAPINDDATGYI Do you have a Microphone? Not atm, but will invest in one soon enough. Do you have any experience? AoC, Insurgency ,and Warhammer What is your Timezone/General Location? EST, Florida What are your computers specs? Windows XP, 2048MB Ram, Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz Have something else you wish to voice? Dodongo
  8. Sweet, I enjoy the weekly updates it makes me come back to these boards. That's nice to know. ^
  9. Good job, it looks nice.
  10. I can't wait for this mod to finish, keep the good work up!
  11. Hot
  12. Nice, I like the story.
  13. Or just dark skinned
  14. Haha InZaneFlea was so full of- Hello