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  1. I had a dream where i was sleeping next to my gf, well not really sleeping, but just kind of laying there next to her while she was sleeping, and i noticed she felt quite cold so i lifted my head a bit and looked closer and she was bluish grey all over. I turned her around and her eyes were open and staring at me with a frozen look of pure horror. I then woke up. That shit fucking sucked, especially since she wasn't there and i couldn't check if she was alright.
  2. And get laid to boot! Just like that one guy, wonder what his name was, he sure was cool.
  3. Hahah, well played good sir. No wait... Calling someone a retard and a bad troll as an insult on the internet is about the saddest attempt at hurting ones feelings ever to come across a small mind clouded by hatred. Then again it must be hard for you to come up with meaningful insults against me since you know absolutely nothing about me, youd be hard pressed to find a single truthful post made by me. But I do know things about you, having spent many years worth of time in mod communities you've been a part of. Ofcourse you could be masterfully trolling everyone by having this set charecter for yourself that you've been playing for all these years, but i dont think thats likely. And why would anyone want to look like a miserable fuckup with a neckbeard and "deep and intellectual thoughts" anyway? Doesn't really add up at all, so i think that you really are a sad little man who likes to think he is better than everyone on the internet because he can spell right and got a few A's in high school, then again the educational system doesn't mean anything to you and you infact despise it, for you KNOW things. In the real world around real people you are painfully awkward and truly yearn for human contact but you are too immersed in your cynicism to realise it. You ofcourse seek solace in the world of internet for it is the one place you can truly feel superior. You are a goddamn useless waste of flesh, indeed possibly the most horrible person ever, a miserable fatass, and i would rather shoot myself in the face with a shotgun than spend five minutes listening to your useless fucking bullshit. Oh yeah and Leviathan was awesome you imbecile.
  4. I love how you think you're better than everyone, its actually quite hilarious. And you're such a faggot, sucking ouij's dick like that.
  5. What kind of school makes 6 yearolds draw gory pictures for homework...
  6. Got H1N1, suck on that, prolly wont even die from it though, blah.
  7. You are the best winner i have ever seen.
  8. This knowledge will surely bring untold amounts of joy into your lives.
  9. yo dude that shit is totally cool and i want to use it on my next album. Its called Hated By God, Blessed By Satan, and already features tracks such as: Jesus is a Fag, God Sucked My Dick For $2, I Like Kittens, Hitler Assblast, Rölli On Kusipää and Fuck You Were never getting a record deal and will never make any money so im not paying you shit, just saying you have inspired me to make another crappy song about cocks, stabbing them and romance. edit: forgot a song, its called Penistä Vaginaan, but you wouldnt know since you're all subhuman thrash and cant speak Finnish, and lack any capability to even guess what it could mean with your puny little brains.
  10. Today i told my professor that i like to think i live in a world where math doesn't exist and when she told me that if that were true there wouldn't be any technology, like the headphones i was using at the time to listen to the bröötälest of brütal death metal. I replied by insisting that god is the one who creates all and that we are not to question his divine plan by trying to "invent" new things for that path leads straight to satan. I felt so dirty and illogical and generally very very stupid, so i turned on some christraping blackmetal and spraypainted a pentagram into the side of the school.
  11. Noobbot, you are so goddamn edgy as fuck that im surprised you dont cut everyone you touch.
  12. Currently this Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner but I'm feeling like some grindcore though so probably putting on some rotten sound or something. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp-NBfsfq8o
  13. Bet none of you are as trve kvlt to have heard Incursion, this obviously makes me superior.
  14. God is a tremendous faggot.