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  1. I'm playing as a vanguard but I'm pretty far in the game and I HAVEN'T FOUND A NEW SHOTGUN!!! The first shotgun you get in the game is quite good, but fuck it's pissing me off that all I've found is a new assault rifle and sniper. Can someone please tell me where I can purchase said shotgun?
  2. Haha, thanks guys. I'm just gonna be with two friends, one of them an expierenced tripper and one of them a n00b like me. We're going to be at someone's house who's parents are gone for the weekend. And for the record, I don't smoke anything but weed. : )
  3. I'm very curious of magic mushrooms. I always have been deseperate for visual hallucinations. I, however, am quite scared I'll get a bad trip. So I have a few questions. 1: How much should I take? I want to take quite a small dose at first and maybe for my second and third time ramp it up a bit. 2: How can I reduce my chances of having a bad trip? Where should I be? With lots of friends or a few? What mindset should I have going in? 3: If I begin to have a bad trip or feel overwhelmed what are some ways to calm down? Do I fight to keep control or just let the drug take me where it wants to go. Or neither? Any other tips or facts about shrooms? Thanks
  4. The Apocolyptics An emoscreamo band recently formed in the garage of a single mother's cesspool of a house. One dude screams and another whines in a girly voice about how life sucks. In an interview they talk about how this really is a deep philosophical connection between the angry and meloncholy sides of pain. And how they display that in an intelligent and meaningful way in their music. Then someone threw a shoe at them.
  5. Single player was nostalgic and still fun, but got boring. It was still well made but I think they misunderstood that a new game should also be different and not just the exact same thing with a different shorter campaign. Loved the storyline actually. I really enjoyed how it paralleled the first one with the intelligent dictator with the great ideas, but just fuckin sucked at executing them with some rationality and common sense.
  6. It was fun, but only in a nostalgic sort of way. The game was not that good.
  7. Fuck itunes as well and their bullshit restrictions and bullshit everything. It's bullshit.
  8. The processing for the forms takes 3-4 months if i'm lucky... and Maxx it is something I'm passionate about. I may not make it a full career. I might just do a tour of duty and a three year stint so I can feel I've helped my country and maybe even the world, a little bit. I do not misunderstand what I might do, I'm probably just going to dig ditches and burn shit for three years but fuck if that helps then I'll do it. If I like the job then I will stay with the career for the rest of my life. You can retire at 40 with a full pension if you join at my age. If I'm still healthy that's plenty of time to go see the world and do what I want. Maybe virtual reality will be out by then? Hehe.
  9. Oh well I could work at rockstar and churn out games but that would be uninteresting and not as pleasingly painful as being in the military. I need a physical job. One that interests me. Plus even if I don't want to make it a career I can say I did my three years and feel proud of doing such.
  10. Well apparently they do and I just sent in my application. I'll be in the reserves until I'm 17 then I'll switch to an active duty infantry unit. Do a three year stint and see if I like it and would like to make it career. Now destroy my self-esteem and make me feel shitty for my decision!
  11. What did you find? Just curious.
  12. You guys actually play this game? I've been looking for someone to play it with. I don't have it on steam, but I can play it through steam right?
  13. Ambushes are great if you are on the offensive and are trying to eliminate all the zombies in the area as it allows you to fight the zombies with the homeground advantage. You won't be surprised by a zombie jumping out of a room, or trapped in a room as you will be able to find protected areas and set fire sectors. Draw the zombies into a killzone where they are exposed and easy to shoot.
  14. No. No it does not.
  15. What a sly suggestion. Keep out everyone so the few infected pukes can't get in.