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  1. I have that fixed now. I believe it was a Fallout 4 background. Let me know if you see anything.
  2. http://sketchtoy.com/63678911
  3. I just think it is too pricey. And I don't want to hear, it's alpha for a reason bullshit. They have had well over a year to get some the basic stuff fixed, which it sounds like they haven't. The stuff Riley is talking about though is just some stuff they need to adjust.
  4. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/faq/178
  5. Thanks for rephrasing. Really helped me understand what Riley was saying.
  6. You might be running something in the background such as an anti-virus that could be blocking the game, thus kicking you out. It would be nice to know what version of the game you are using too. Could be something that 1.07 has already fixed.
  7. This isn't a discussion thread.
  8. Anyone start playing this yesterday? I got to play for a couple hours and it was quite fun. Played with some nmrih people and we got through some impressive heists.
  9. Limit one reply per person. This is not a discussion thread. This is a thread for posting feedback on the most recent patch, 1.06. Keep your post fairly clean by using a list format like below. Example: Pros- Blah blah 1 Blah blah 2 1.06 is awesome! Cons- Blah blah 1 Blah blah 2 1.06 is terrible! Suggestions- (list or short paragraph.) Blah blah 1 Blah blah 2 I think you get the point by now... Thanks for your feedback and we will continue to make No More Room in Hell better with each patch!
  10. The level designer for those maps probably never updated them. They are custom maps.
  11. I am actually just beginning to dab into modeling.
  12. I vote for Fathomless because he posts in application threads and he created this thread.
  13. Old news is old.
  14. Thanks for posting this ThoughT. My dads laptop is starting to go to crap and I mentioned this one to him before on the last deal. I will show him this again.
  15. It's a fucking hunting game, your suppose to wait and for the animals. Do you think thousands of deer and bear are just waiting for you to be shot?
  16. If you want hired, suck/lick Riley's dick/vagina.
  17. Sounds like you might be waiting a long time then.
  18. Quit asking. It will come eventually.
  19. The LightmappedGeneric should be WorldVertexTransition. Also, your tooltexture should have a proper location too, if you want the image in hammer to show up right.
  20. You should be able to save them in notepad as long as you put .vmt at the end.
  21. You didn't give it a proper location most likely. nmrih/cabin/cabin_leaves001a
  22. I personally use VTFEdit. I am not totally sure what gcfscape offers. I think it just allows you to see hidden files from games like hl2, ect.
  23. Just do exactly what the interlopers tutorial says. You need to make a VMT using that code. "WorldVertexTransition" { "$baseTexture" "nmrih/dirt/BU_sand001" "$basetexture2" "nmrih/grass/BU_grass002" "$bumpmap" "nmrih/dirt/BU_sand001_normal" "$bumpmap2" "nmrih/grass/BU_grass002_normal" "$normalmapalphaenvmapmask" "1" "$envmap" "env_cubemap" "$envmaptint" "[ .15 .15 .15 ]" "%tooltexture" "nmrih/BU_blend001" "$detail" "overlays/macro01a" "$detailscale" .1 "$basetexturetransform" "center .5 .5 scale 1 1 rotate 0 translate 0 0" "$basetexturetransform2" "center .5 .5 scale 1 1 rotate 0 translate 0 0" "%detailtype" "redgrass" } This is one that I made for the mod.