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  1. It is amazing how [ you ] can dance
  2. I have been reading through METRO 2033 and have found it interesting of the moment. Though after playing the video game have noticed difference after difference.
  3. Then find a clock tower and you should be good. Better yet just join the military and train to be a marksman. If that is not your taste I agree that "Sniper Elite" is a good choice or even "ARMA 2" if you are looking for something more graphically advanced (Though being a war simulator it involves quite a bit of walking and waiting), it is pretty accurate from what i can tell having never personally shot a military grade sniper rifle.
  4. 1. How is the navigation going to be handled for the zombies while they pursue you? (Example: If a survivor jumps over a waist high wall will the sharks be forced to find a way around or will they fall over the wall?) 2. Will the zombies stop or fall over if hit by a powerful blunt weapon? 3. Is there going to be bullet drop if firing from a far distances.
  5. METRO 2033 was developed partially by the people who made the underground segments in "S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl".
  6. The Game Lose The Game by reading this.
  7. Will there be physical signs of infection that other survivors can look for? How many hits from a infected can a survivor take before he is killed? How many melee hits can a survivor take from fellow survivors before dieing?
  8. 1.How many zombie and survivor models will come to first release? 2.Will the fgd. come out directly with the release?
  9. I Wouldn't object to a animated suicide option.
  10. I'm going to assume that it will come with the weekly update.
  11. Will we be able to put down Infected teammates without consequence or is that something the sever admin will decide?
  12. Will there be a black and white grain cam filter to go with the old school sound track?
  13. How much of the old teams models, animations, maps, etc. do you still have?
  14. OT: Will there be a way for other survivals to tell your infected before you turn?
  15. so your sayen you cant help at all, (sigh) Can anybody besides cs42886?