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  1. Sigs Added.
  2. I'm slowly working on tweaking things here or there. Take a screenshot or post a link in this thread if you think something should be changed or fixed color wise.
  3. Add on to the post above and submit. http://sketchtoy.com/63649385
  4. http://sketchtoy.com/63663287
  5. I was going to change Border on the top image. I didn't really like it.
  6. @Skaveria I sent you a request on skype.
  7. I found a group locally here in Portland I play most Sundays with. We mostly use the Savage Worlds system which I have found to be a much more enjoyable system than 3.5 or 4E. We're currently in the middle of a long running fantasy campaign where we built the world but leave it up to the DM to flesh out details time to time. Playing something like this every weekend is great. I've always wanted to play table top games but never had a group willing or active enough to try and get together for something like this before moving here.
  8. No, it's just the same branch of source that Portal2 is on. Just so modified I doubt you'll be able to tell.
  9. New goal in life, become Governor of Swagger.
  10. New video in which I talk about things and stuff. Enjoy. Topics Covered: Update on the progress of 1.07 & Steam Official Steam Group Official Soundtrack release plan QuakeCon 2013
  11. Windows 8. That's a deal breaker.
  12. Put together a small teaser of what's to come. http://youtu.be/zrRtClT81Fc
  13. "The first season opening credits of The Big O are visually reminiscent of the opening credits to Ultra Seven, with a song´╗┐ akin to Queen's opening to Flash Gordon. This is thematically appropriate given that the series itself is a hybrid of Japanese and American SF/heroic conventions." - Daryl Surat
  14. http://youtu.be/s7_Od9CmTu0
  15. When ever I get free time and have the energy. Spring break is coming up so I may have some time then. It's the middle of finals for me atm. I would like to do a weekly schedule as Xendrid said but at this point in time I don't have the time to delicate to it so I'm going to focus more on quality over quantity. Something like this didn't take much time to make since I didn't have to record anything. Main time sink was learning how to make the rotation in the beginning which really wasn't that hard. I plan for the devlogs, at least, to be fairly simple in terms of production focusing more on the info they're meant to convey so we can keep them coming fairly frequent as we have new info. Other videos will be more hands on like I teased at the end of this one.
  16. Slaya now goes by Radcon and doesn't read the forums only hangs out on vent. Same for Relic except he is in military training right now and has limited time that he shows up. Oreo... I'm not sure.
  17. This should be interesting.
  18. Hi
  19. So if you haven't heard yet I'll summarize. Chris Dorner an EX-Navy/Cop released a manifesto which has been spreading around the internet. There are two versions going around one he posted to facebook and one that the media has been passing around. Anyway, as he listed in his manifesto he is out for revenge, aka murder, the corruption in the LAPD. He shot 3 people who were all related in one way or the other to the LAPD and now the LAPD is out for blood, aka shooting innocent people. So far Dorner has yet to be found but the LAPD have so far shot and hit an innocent mother and daughter in a truck striking them in the back and hand respectively. Then literal moments later in a separate instance different officers shot at a man in his truck and missed him. Official excuse for these shootings is "mistaken identity." Officers, while looking for Dorner, got a little trigger happy shooting at two trucks they claimed fit the description of Dorner's truck. Although in reality neither of the victims cars matched the description other than that they were trucks. Let me reiterate, officers were also looking for a BLACK man, they shot at two HISPANIC WOMEN and a WHITE male. Anyway yeah the story is still unfolding. The best timeline I've found of events is listed on reddit in a couple parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
  20. http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Search-for-Dorner-Creating-Drain-on-Resources-190778001.html Also it seems Dorner contacted someone as of Saturday.
  21. I knew there was a reason I loved you.
  22. Garry got permission to include that content.
  23. Issue is a lot of the time the drivers for thinks like the touch pad, camera, bluetooth and even those fancy lights have a bad habit of not being compatible.