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  1. I'll take some better pictures next week before I send it off to Canada land to Maxx.
  2. Yeah Demonoid deleted them without even telling me why. I'm working on finding another better/public tracker solution at the moment. Thinking mininova for their decent stat service they have.
  3. Xendrid made the background/text I just made the rain.
  4. It is only coop sorry.
  5. Moddb links are up and added description to the wallpapers. More resolutions for the wallpaper are still waiting authorization on moddb.
  6. Coming to a Broadway theater near you! Lost Numbers
  7. Since the front page is down and the only place we have released music is on Moddb and in the weekly updates I thought I would post links to what is released so far. Teaser Theme Music DaveofDefeat Ambience Track Teaser Terror Teaser Failure Left Behind Old School Preview #1 Old School Preview #2 Old School Preview #3 Music - Main Menu Theme Music Teaser - Tension Music Teaser - Action
  8. That ain't bad. If you sill have the source images or psd for that anim I would like work on it if possible. Having the moving blood was something Maxx and I were just talking about just the other day.
  9. Sarang hae yo.
  10. This sums up this thread pretty well.
  11. I spent more effort than I would like to admit to make the mainmenu buttons fit to all resolutions down to the lowest of 640x480
  12. A few words from Maxx: It's been a while, but our 1.03 update featuring the Survival gamemode is finally here! Lucky for you, now you get to experience some big improvements, additions and changes to No More Room in Hell. We hope that you all enjoy 1.03 and everything it brings along, and we would love to hear what you have to say about it! We are building NMRiH incrementally, one little bit at a time and we want all of you to be a part of that process. Come join us on our forums and be heard! We are often directly involved with the community, and any bugs you might find, ideas you might have or even just stories of your experiences playing the game are all very much appreciated and encouraged. Just remember that No More Room in Hell is a constant Work-In-Progress; anything and everything are subject to change. Many elements of the 1.03 patch for example are simplified concepts, prototypes of larger ideas that will grow and improve with your feedback. Many of the changes in 1.03 are based on the extensive feedback we received regarding earlier versions, so come talk to us! Full Client Download Locations: Patch Download Locations: Video overview of survival: nms_flooded Screen Shots: 1.03 Changelog New Added Survival Gamemode Added "nms_flooded" map by Vincent Added Woodman's Hatchet melee weapon Added Mossberg 500A shotgun Added Helicopter supply crate Added Player and Zone supply items Added "Jive" as a playable character Added Two additional zombie models Added Maglite "dual wield" support for the crowbar, hatchet, lead pipe and machete Added Tactical reloads and ghost loading Added Two commands, 'refresh_postprocess' and 'refresh_screenspace' that can be used to fix the screen going black Added Video on game launch. Changed Rebalanced melee weapons based on player feedback Changed zombie health and damages Improved zombie AI and behavior Fixed missing sounds for some weapons Fixed some crashes during map changes Enabled local pathing for zombie npcs Updated numerous particle effects Re-recorded all player voice commands Increase infection length to 90 seconds and play infection sound at last 45 seconds of infection Increased Phalanx pills cure time to 3 minutes Removed chainsaw from random melee weapon spawning entities Player pain sounds are no longer distance-variant Certain console commands now require sv_cheats Shove damage is now factored into sv_friendly_fire_factor Good luck out there! Mapping Info! We have a few things going on for mappers in the next few weeks. First off we will be having a mapping competition with some specified theme to be determined. Second we will be opening a public submission process for community made maps to be included into the main build, details and requirements will be announced with he mapping competition. Finally as always we are looking for mappers and modelers to join our team. If you are interested send us an applications to nmrihmod@gmail.com or directly on our forums. Now as for mapping survival maps as introduced in 1.03 we have a short tutorial on setting up your map in hammer on our wiki located at this link. Social Media Links:
  13. This guy gets it.
  14. Posting update now but heres a treat for you guys. http://www.fileplanet.com/223111/220000/fileinfo/Half-Life-2---No-More-Room-In-Hell-Mod Patch coming in a bit.
  15. PC Gamer has been showing No More Room in Hell a lot of love recently. This past week has been filled with excitement for us. Just in case you don't follow our twitter or facebook page here is a recap of what has gone on this past week! Mod of the Year award announcement Mention on the PC Gamer Podcast (Mention at ~42 minute mark) VoD of Editors Playing NMRiH Article in PC Gamer Magazine:
  16. Nick Eichenberg aka "InzaneFlea"
  17. Desura should have the hotfix so if you downloaded it from there you should be fine. You would only need to install the hotfix if you did a manual install (ex. extracting the .zip into steamapps folder) then you would need it. If you think you still need it you can find the download links here.
  18. Hold me.
  19. I was hoping for that, awesome.
  20. Not that I know of. I might also add that "thought loop" deal only really happens in semiawake states, lucid dreams and when I am stoned. I neglected to mention that on that morning I happened to unknowingly eat a pot brownie my mother had bought the day before... yeah
  21. My Daydreams generally take form of a conversation or idea in my head. It tends to be about whatever I have on my mind rather than a fantasy or escape. Like just the other day I was thinking about writing the nmrih update for whenever 1.03 is ready. My mind would get stuck in a loop repeating the same thing over and over even when I consciously wanted to continue the thought to another topic. After a while it turns less from words in my mind to more of congealed buzzing of fragmented words all spoken at the same time yet somehow I still know everything that's being said or thought rather. As usual this leads me else where as I started going off on tangents which is where nothing relating to the initial topic I had in mind ended up getting done. Eventually to grab my attention and to focus I needed up working on improving my animation skill for a good several hours to make this.
  22. National Guard Radio Intercept
  23. A fan recently contacted us about making a SWEP pack for gmod. So we said sure! The pack is still a work in progress but the first version done and playable. You can help us with future releases by reporting all bugs to nomoreroominhelp@gmail.com Scripts/Pack Made by: Roman "Spy" Glebenkov Models, Sounds, Animations, Etc: No More Room in Hell Team Don't think we've forgotten about Update 1.03. We are currently testing our new gamemode to make sure it's the best experience we can offer. We prefer shorter release cycles but there is quite a bit of testing/polishing we want to do before releasing to the public.
  24. \Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\ Should overwrite some files in your nmrih folder