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  1. Cool stats man, interesting stuff. I've been looking for something like this for a while. Only small gripe is that 15 min of playtime seems like too big an interval.
  2. I don't know what's worse about the fact that you've misspelled "Schematic" three times. That even when others have spelled it correctly you sill got it wrong or that you are attempting to create something you don't know how to spell.
  3. Moving there at the end of August for school. Any of you live there? As far as I can tell from the few trips I've taken there this is what I expect to find: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVmq9dq6Nsg&hd=1
  4. If I must:
  5. Doing podcasts again is something I've been mulling over for a while. For those of you who don't know, Maxx and Myself used to do monthly podcasts for NMRiH. We would answer questions from fans, make announcements, and generally go on tangents about whatever. We sometimes had special guests mostly just testers and other devs. This time around I have considered jumping on the video cast bandwagon. Although I don't know if I could live the shit quality that is a google hangout. On the other hand, blowing 10/m-60/y bucks on a Skype premium subscription for video calls is not something I really want to do. For the first podcast if we do start up it might just be Maxx and Myself so we could test the waters and see how video works out with just a 2-way Skype call. Anyway if we are to do a podcast we need some questions. This where you guys come in! Ask away! Anything and everything is welcome. We may not get to everyone but we will try. If you don't want to make a forum account to just ask some questions feel free to ask them on our devblog: http://nmrih.tumblr.com/ask
  6. It was about 2 or less years of real development before beta 1 was released.
  7. Well one question is better than none. We got a decent amount on the devblog anyway. We will probably record the podcast later this month. Questions are still welcome until then!
  8. Welp just signed my lease agreement looks like I'll be there till next august. Right in the middle of downtown. I don't think I am going to bring my car (too expensive) but if you make it to Portland any time hit me up if you want.
  9. This is some good stuff. I'll give your articles a shoutout in our next news post.
  10. IF we ever decide to make a sequel it would most likely be on UDK or CryEngine. At least those two are what's good right now for development/indie sales. Things change and the future is uncertain.
  11. Arcade (Space Zombie Attack!)
  12. It doesn't work with the short youtube url.
  13. Competitive man hugging.
  14. I'll see what I can do.
  15. So I've seen some fan trailers for NMRiH in the past but never really kept track of them. So in this thread I'm looking to fix that. Post some trailers you've made or seen and I'll promote them the best I can. I'll go first:
  16. Hey, I liked your trailer a lot and actually just made a thread about it a few minutes ago http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7857 Love it mate!
  17. I had an event in mind for next weekend probably on Saturday or Sunday.
  18. I joined for a few minutes didn't see any zombies then I had to leave because I had other plans. I hope to play again probably tomorrow.
  19. Zombies are also attracted to camp fires I learned. So you are shit out of luck there as well.
  20. Radcon and I just watched the entire five part Shacktac video series of this mod last night. We were also talking about getting a Sunday Funday event up and running some weekend.
  21. A few words from Dman: Greetings friends, fans & family! We here at NMRiH are proud to bring you version 1.04 of No More Room in Hell. We have put a lot of work into this patch and hope you all enjoy it. We expected this to be a quick patch but we just kept finding so many small things to improve upon this time around we wanted to make sure we got it right. It has really turned into a big project if you just take a look at our changelog below. We have new things for all to enjoy! Like survival? Well we have a new community map just for that. We've included the map in our official build because we liked it so much, it's called nms_isolated created by Lou Saffire. Hate high pings? Our lead programmer ssba has vastly improved network performance when it comes to npcs on a server. Linux server owner? Thanks to a generous donation of a server by BloodBathGaming.net we have been able to work out the kinks in our Linux server files. Same goes for RawCG.net who as always provides us with excellent official public and private windows testing servers. Full Client Download Locations: Note the server files are included in both the patch and full download. Patch Download Locations: Note the server files are included in both the patch and full download. Code Disabled collision of safe zone supplies with players / npcs Adjusted zombie damage, now (one hand / two hand) shambler: 15/30, runner: 20/40, kid: 8/16 Fixed negative zombie counts on hud Disabled listen server autostart to try to cut down on number of invalid token errors Fixed memory corruption bugs in Survival Mode Fixed supply wave crash bug on Linux servers Changed zones to no longer lose health if there are no survivors present in them Fixed a rare issue where there was a chance for entities/lighting in any nms_ map to disappear if the previously played map was an objective level Changed drain rates to the following: Drain per zombie per sec: 0.5 -> 0.15 Max drain per sec: 5 -> 2 Drain per sec while empty: 0.25 -> 0.2 Player drain counter per sec: 1.5 -> 1.75 [*]Optimized npc networking for better performance in open areas & with large amount of npcs [*]Added 'Winning Condition' option into Survival Mode: players now win after reaching the ending wave; mappers can run a custom win scenario using entity i/o [*]Fixed orientation/model of "nmrih_safezone_supply" for Hammer [*]Added slight push to barricades you out if you stand too close a barricading point while putting a board up; mappers should ensure the barricade point normals point away from walls as this is the direction players are pushed [*]Fixed various client and server crashes [*]Fixed Join game dialog; loading screens now properly update with the corresponding map in play [*]Changed the National Guard so they will now only bring in supplies via flare gun if the preexisting supply crate has been completely used up. Art Added various static furniture props Added and optimized various particle effects Added new supply cache GUI Added missing camera movement to fireaxe Added recoil camera movement to MP5A3 Updated SV10 reload animation Changed flashlight texture Added new "Movie" texture to nmo_broadway theater. Sound Fixed script error that prevented wave complete sound to play Changed many of the weapon / footstep / item pickup / pain sounds so they are spacial, and reduced the attenuation of some Maps nms_flooded Fixed supply drop being out of reach because of clipping Fixed clip preventing items to be picked up at some locations Clipped various "godspots" Added static ammo that goes with the gun at a few locations Added a bit more ammo around the buildings Added traps (gas tank/flamethrower that can set fire to zombies and humans) Added more light at point A to make players feel more safe inside the safezone Added one barricade position to every door frame Closed off some windows to help provide better performance inside the safe zone buildings and alter gameplay Removed zombie spawns around the house, zombies will only come from outside the map boundaries Added winning condition (Survive till wave 10 and a chopper appears) [*]nmo_chinatown Removed some unnecessary zombie spawns Removed some unnecessary barricade boards and entities to save on ent data Added slight increase to overall lighting Clipped off several "godspots" (counters, dumpsters, etc.) Improved optimization in several areas Added func_clip_vphysics to prevent key objective items to be dropped in certain unreachable areas Added some shotgun ammo boxes in gun shop area Replaced all tables and file cabinets with new static prop versions [*]nmo_broadway Changed texture on movie theater screen [*]nms_isolated Added nms_isolated (community map from lou_saffire) Map Spotlight nms_isolated! We have shirts for sale! BUY NOW! All money goes to server & web hosting costs. New Wallpaper! Mark it zero, you were over the line. Sometimes people are just over the line. Rules are rules, this ain't Nam here this isn't just some game. This determines who goes on to the next wave. Now if you don't mark it zero you are about to enter a world of pain. Sometimes I feel like the whole world has gone CRAZY. LIKE I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE RULES. NOW MARK IT ZERO. We Are Hiring! No More Room in Hell is hiring, folks. We need talented and reliable individuals to bring about the apocalypse. We are looking for: Level Designers Prop Modelers APPLY HERE!