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  1. TF3

    Having more active moderation and PRs would be nice... Even if the updates are about nothing but to get the community closer together. To tell the truth that's the only reason I'm still here is because of the active community members.
  4. I came.
  5. I've got 1 Hockey stick 1 Domo Kun shirt 1 *Domo Kun sweat shirt 1 Pair of sheers 1 Kitchen Knife (*with sheath) 1 Long sleeve jacket 2 Mag lites both with holsters (brand new) 1 lamp/light/radio/siren/fan multi thing with charger (to be ditched once power dies also its a bit big and could slow me down) 1 *Small first aid kit 1 *Various food stuffs/water (3-5 days 1 person rationed) 2 *Pairs of pants (blue jeans) (wearing one pair) 1 *Pair of shorts (black) 2 *Pairs of socks (white) 1 *Extra shirt 1 *Swiss army knife 1 *Black running shoes 1 Large shoulder bag for holding all of this (yes I tested to see if it could fit all this comfortably and still run) (Not pictured = *) And the first place I would head would be about 30 minutes by car where my crazy rich friend has a stock pile of weapons and ammunition (where I would switch out the hockey stick for a shotgun) Umm heres a picture of me... (wearing the jacket)
  6. Pokemon
  7. Theres a good book I read last week thats semi on this topic it's "Childhood's End" By Arthur C. Clarke. Pretty interesting even though it's kinda short. Read it some time!
  8. When I told my parents they flipped and went on some rant about how god does things and blah blah blah I was kinda humming the price is right theme song in my head at the time.
  9. Its better than the other versions...
  10. One of the best single player games I've played I loved the zombie map semi-realistic shooting etc...
  11. Zombie Maestro?
  12. Please I can't stress this enough and I have been spreading it around to anyone who will participate in the protests. Ok this is Wise Beard mans response to anons on Co$ he has devoted a lot of his life to study of cults and was protesting Scientology since this war started and probably before most of you were born. His website Xenutv Map of planned protests *NOTE!!1* use IRC that site is not all together safe any more. There are individual channels for all locations though it depends on now many supporters there are in that area if you need help finding it ask in irc still. Also if you do not know how to connect to the irc channel contact me when ever just not in a pm on these fourms I hardly ever come on to check it. Email - Dman757@gamesyn.com http://harbl.wetfish.net/cosplay/ These links on on that page but for those to lazy. Look at project Chanology This link and the #xenu irc are your home base I am here just to help get started! [This is most important with various links that are must read/watch some of the more important I will link below.url=http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dcgn7gtc_5t2g5sggm]Link[/url] For the police Link OK THIS IS NOT THE INTERNET BUT HERE ARE RL RULES! Link Propaganda Print hand out etc... Link1 Link2 BE SMART ANON! We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We will be heard.
  13. PLEASE NOT McCain! We need someone who know at least a thing or two about the economy and won't keep troops stationed for a 100 years in a pointless invasion thats costing Billions...Trillions (http://www.democracyarsenal.org/2008/01/mccain-on-iraq1.html) I don't know the exact quote but he did admit to having little understanding of the economy and lied in later debate when asked about the quote. Go for Obama if its between the two for you. Since my main choice dropped out of the race (Dennis Kucinich) I am between Obama and Ron Paul... But it all depends if Obama gets the nomination or not.
  14. Their orange... They must look in the mirror how do they not notice that! Tools
  15. Being able to look back at old posts for a picture or something like that would be nice.
  16. I don't like the idea of giving zombies the ability to jump over fences. But perhaps an ability for humans to grab the top of the fence and slowly pull your self over but I don't even think that would be possible unless you could mod a ladder some how...
  17. Nice colors
  18. Awesome! I love the colors and the layout.