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  1. But not your avatar Nice sig though...
  3. Wow Dan just wow... You're so gay for saying that. Also Absinthe smells and tastes like B.O.
  4. I'm just going to pm it.
  6. What is the differance between a dead baby and a VHS tape?
  7. Umm this is the off topic forum right? I think I might be lost... There's a reason our post counts aren't counted here right? It's because the posts here aren't supposed to be taken completely serious? Eh what ever I might as well go back to discussing dicks that's what this thread is about right? I didn't read the title sorry.
  8. Two out of my three high school English teachers so far have been stoners... Oh yea did I mention that I threw up one of my first times for taking too big of a hit and coughing so much.
  9. Did anyone else go this year? I'm here for three more days here I'm and already starting to go broke
  10. Your walls look kinda boring...
  11. Zen man is at peace no matter what the danger is.
  12. Yea it is really sad... I went to the aspen comics panel and they were giving out these limited prints for free by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald. It's signed by both of them (bottom left and right corners) not sure if it's actually a real signature or a reprint of it though it does have a thing of authenticity and it is numbered 110/450 Oh and I picked up the walking dead series just because it's awesome... I bought too much this year way to many things to post.
  13. tl;dr
  14. Santa Barbara, California After grouping up with whats left of my friends and their supplies we would take a boat (there's hundreds of them in the harbor here) out to the oil rigs off the shore here which are secluded, have plenty of supplies for the workers there that stay for months at a time, and plenty of radio communication equipment. If the oil rigs don't work out we would probably try to at least bum some fuel off of them and head up north to Oregon for supplies. (where our where our friend currently going to college and his gun nut dad live) (sawed off pistol grip shotgun hell yea) From there we would probably end up going to Alaska or Canada though anything could happen to change our direction along the way.
  15. I just got back... It was really good Heath Ledgers performance was really well done. Christian Bail I didn't like as much.
  16. If the ps3 is hurting so much why is Final Fantasy coming to Xbox?
  17. Oh I'm lefthanded too!
  18. Voice actor?
  19. WTF

    Reminds you of our workshop dont it.
  20. Oh wow.
  21. Yes and take off +r please!
  22. TF3

    Hi nice to meet you. I tend to watch the community forums more than post. But I've been on irc/vent for a couple years now. Also I don't think I would be all that great as a moderator I have other administrative duties on other forums that I tend to. Though I wouldn't mind some access in irc since Cs and Ep never seem to grace it with their presence (unless that is if I hijack it