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  1. But vista its self uses more ram so there is a small trade off for using vista64 I've been meaning to switch to xp64 but I'm too lazy to back up all my files and format.
  2. See ya dude!
  3. Rolling fat...
  4. Yeah he was muted the same time as shifty... If my guess that I posted here was correct.
  5. A server ip would be nice.
  6. YEAH LIKE HIS CAL TEAM FOR CSS http://league.totalgamingnetwork.com/team/mindLAPSE http://league.totalgamingnetwork.com/profile/3pidemiC
  7. Arena mode... more like Counter Stirke mode amirite?
  8. Sounds like fun I'll get it working tonight. Any games you have in mind?
  9. You like those mad deduction skills!
  10. I was using moderators as a general term (I know the moderators wouldn't have that power) I'm saying one of the administrators or "Staff" as the user group is called on this forum. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?act=members
  11. Sure
  12. There once was a man from Nantucket
  13. Someone (one of the moderators) has censored him so that us regular users can't see his posts. My best guess is it was 3pidemic for this signature or his avatar which is the same as mine or both. *Edit* And now seeing how sidras signature was removed (he had the original unshooped version) I'm guessing it was the signature. Which makes me wonder if sidra is censored too?
  14. I used to watch this when I first came out kinda stopped though didn't know they were making new episodes.
  15. Man he sure lost the game didn't he.
  16. Porn of the Dead is a full hardcore adult zombie movie featuring an all death metal soundtrack.
  17. I think when ScarT was banned was how I learned of the leak because people were talking about how much of a douche 3pi was for doing that. Excellent way of crowd control 3pidemic. 4554 For life!
  18. I just saw that... amazing finish.
  19. I found this a few minutes ago on digg. http://www.wired.com/techbiz/media/magazin...8/st_15absinthe
  20. MC Lars?
  21. Try a $600+ Drum set and some other random crap from an elementary school.
  22. Yes. I am jealous of how easily you make your self look like a lowlife douche who has to brag on the internet to get some kind of self gratification/attention/whatever. Not something to be proud about though... Drugs are bad mmm'k and stealing things while on said drugs are what get you in prison.