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Everything posted by Dman757

  1. rage.
  2. Looks like it has a lot of potential.
  3. Was that why he was so strange on vent today?
  4. You will loose some self control a bit more so than alcohol in my opinion. But that depends on what kind of high your on. Oh and your first few times you probably won't feel it.
  5. Shitty mc shit shit movies
  6. This thread makes me sad at the horrible lack in taste.
  7. If you don't like what he says joe just ignore him. All he is trying to do is be a dick to get you to leave. That's some good advice from Maxx btw.
  8. Looks tasty, I have one already though.
  9. I miss malt... Long live Zombie Maestro!
  10. I saw him live at comic-con last year. He was funny.
  11. These forums are so deep... Yes, Terri Schiavo, I'm pretty sure becoming famous that way is not on anyone's list.
  12. I was at 0 posts for like 6 months.
  13. You know its been about two months since I stopped reading posts by joe and so far I feel my life is better.
  14. Volume
  15. dman757@gmail.com
  16. Thats fun
  17. Science.
  18. lol I remember when we first found out about this.
  19. In b4 Inframer scud storm
  20. Happy birthday antisocial vent urchin.
  21. By watching it from the start. Not coming a few seasons in complaining about missed information. What's not to explain any way? They crashed on an island and weird shit happens on said island they find other people on the island and in so many seasons it starts to explain where these other people came from and what they are doing there along with a bunch of little mysteries to add to the suspense.
  22. I know what you mean maxx.