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  1. We are up for two different competitions this year. Both on gamefront and moddb. We would love to to have your support and vote this year. All it takes is a click. Only 2 days left to vote on ModDB! Cast your vote on GameFront's facebook poll!
  2. None taken I just wanted to reiterate that it isn't something we are willingly ignoring.
  3. Yeah we've gone through like 3-4 animatiors in the past month or two.
  4. What I keep telling him but he pussed out he last time.
  5. This upgrade is to help combat the spam problem we've had recently.
  6. We here at NMRiH have always talked about one day having a meetup and this year we've decided to make it a reality! This August 2nd-5th developers and fans alike are invited to join us in Dallas, Texas for QuakeCon 2012! What is QuakeCon? QuakeCon is a free convention held annually in the Dallas, TX area. Thousands of computer gamers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to play with their friends on a giant gaming network, see the latest cool technology, and compete in world-class tournaments. Where does NMRiH fit into this? We plan to have at least one day were we schedule a meetup with fans and go do something fun. Also, through out the event we will be live tweeting via @nmrih our location and what we are doing such as panels or restaurants we plan to eat at. So if you live in Texas or are just coming to the event you should come by and say, "hey." We can't wait to meet you! What NMRiH Developers will be there? Here's a list so far: David 'Dman' Meade (Public Relations 'n stuff) Matt 'Maxx' Kazan (Project Lead) Andrew 'ssba' Orner (Lead Programmer) Nicholas 'Jangalomph' Seavert (Particles/Texture Art) ACallander (Tester) Eskill (Tester) Event Info! Date: August 2-5th 2012 Location: Hilton Anatole - Dallas, Texas (click for google map) Official QuakeCon website: http://www.quakecon.org A few of us devs and our friends registered seats already you can find us under the NMRiH clan tag below: BYOC Map ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download No More Room in Hell! Note the server files are included in the download.
  7. I don't know about anyone one else but I have a small hobby of making gifs out of boredom. Thought I would share since I usually just throw them up in my sig for month then never look at them again. Adam Wardal: LOL: Unused Download Button: Broadway theater NMRiH (larger remade version used in broadway theater): Open Sign NMRiH (unused/incomplete): Maxx The Canadian: Early Emergency Bar Test 1.0 ZP:S (Donated to Sotapoika for his zps map) Emergency Bar Test 1.5 NMRiH (unused work in progress) I have some others but they are lost or on my old computer... Oh and I think on Cabin and Broadway the TVs have static I made. (not sure if it's mine or not lol)
  8. There was a command npc_freeze or npc_freeze_unselected (something like that) should work about the same as the above.
  9. 1.06 Might be delayed a day or two considering our programmer is in the middle of a Hurricane.
  10. I thought about setting it up a while ago then I decided against it.
  11. iminaweirdplacerightnow.gif
  12. Before you jump into "Designing" I would say learn a skill or skills. Something relating to development. Learn something like how to Model, Texture, Program, Animate, Map, etc... Learn a skill and practice. You don't necessarily have to jump right into making a mod these days. Valve has put a lot of effort into the Steam Workshop for people to submit and get feed back on their work even to make money from their work. Similar to the panel I linked above. This is a good panel to get a little bit of an idea. You just need to start trying something. Start by learning a skill and putting things out there to get feedback. Join a forum to get feedback and promote your work. Just make something, it's the only way you can start to make something good. Once you have something to contribute and know a bit about the ins and outs of what it takes to make something for a mod/game you can begin to start learning about design. Starting small you need to know to design a game around your and or your teams skill set. All the while being creative with what you know to make what you want.
  13. Thinking back this was an interesting way to wake up on my birthday... Thank you every one.
  14. Zombie have brains. You must hit the brain not just the head.
  15. I'm... I'm sorry.
  16. My fellow Americans know this man will never win. So do what you know is right this election season.
  17. This is NMRiH's first public beta birthday... Should probably do something special for that.
  18. If it did I wouldn't mind. Only a 3 hour drive from here anyway. I could totally imagine Gabe bent off of coke riding a Harley to come and smash all mirrors in my house for making him look fat.
  19. Penguindrum
  20. Signed an NDA. Sent it. Haven't heard back yet.
  21. Options->Keyboard->Advanced...->Enable Developer Console
  22. If it's anything like what happened with ZP:S it'll be half a year. We don't know and there really isn't a way of telling. I'll keep people up to date so long as I don't have to sign an NDA that prevents me from doing so... So far we've exchanged 2 emails. The first they sent us was a generic email they probably sent to everyone asking for various details like name, company, release date, download link etc. So we responded the same day with everything they asked. Second email in response pointed us to a different person since we are a sourcemod. The person who handles source engine licensing. We've talked with this person in the past when we were originally trying to get on Steam. Hoping they respond tomorrow but who knows.