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  1. Yeah, just asking if there are anybody here with a thing for hot or insanely hot chilli's. I'm thinking of doing some videos with hot sauces, my first one covering 4 of Blairs DEATH sauces, Original, Jalepeno, Sudden and After Death sauces and recording my reactions to each four as well as giving my own little review on each. But wanted to know if there are any active chilli heads on the forums and if so any requests, personal videos of said experiences or helpful tips on my chilli journey.
  2. Drivable cars is something that I'd like to see but know all to well the results of their physic's when combined with the source engine. However, there are always other options, though it's purely on a map basis. I had seen before plenty of Source maps that have incorporated some form of moving vehicle, whether it be a Helicopter, a Train or a truck on a static pre-laid path for it to follow. It's always a nifty idea that could work well in a map depending on the circumstances, for example, one might be have a map focused on a resource gathering exercise where one must gather supplies from various sections but the only way to traverse from section to section is by a train, rail car or some form of cable car even.
  3. I can certainly adjust to it, I normally don't nitpick about things like this that can be adjusted to with time. Still keep up the good work, always nice to see new guns in the fray
  4. Because I haven't been able to play NMRiH as much as I'd like I'd recently got some time playing around on a friends computer and was messing around with the X3 when I noticed that aiming the gun seems off. It seems to have what I'd call a "Doom Effect" as in it looks like when you aim the gun your looking down at the barrel and not the sight whole holding the shotgun at an angle at the shoulder. All the other shotguns have a correct positioning but the X3 just seems off, it seemed like I wasn't able to line up the shot properly because of this making aiming the X3 more annoying to aim than anything else because it always took two shots to kill on some occassions unless I was at point blank range. Overall I think the X3 just needs it view model repositioned so it makes aiming a little easier or matched alongside the same positioning as the other shotguns
  5. Could be done in a mapping sense with a scripted object that is designed to move. I'm not too familiar with it myself though I have seen maps do something similar with static helicopters that follow a predetermined route. However most of those are extremely buggy and have a tendency to throw people around like ragdolls at times.
  6. Rechambered SMLE's in 7,62x51 NATO are known to be faulty and unreliable and the one your probably thinking of is the Ishapore L2A1, which was built around an SMLE from the ground up for the 7,62 NATO. .380 ACP is somewhat more common "Mouse Gun" caliber used in compact pistols, because most people don't want to use .22 caliber in a mouse gun. Also some countries restrict the use of .9mm Luger from Civilians and use it with Police and Military so this caliber would be the next best step. .40 S&W, it's debatable how "common" it is compared to .9mm Luger and .45 ACP. It's one of the five common calibers I've heard about in pistols. I've heard its had a resurgence in firearms, especially Glocks and polymer handguns because it offers reasonable firepower with decent penetration. 7,62x51 and .308 Win are NOT the same they are just similar, they have the same dimensions but have different energies comprising of their muzzle velocities and materials. Like for example NATO Military rounds are always going to be more powerful than civilian hunting rounds and may not be deemed "safe" for use in guns that use said Hunting rounds.
  7. @Maxx: And a fine SMLE at that too I might add! Alot more beautiful than any Mosin Nagant in my opinion. I can foresee more types, more than just two but I do agree with what your saying. Personally I can see these types being added in the future: .38 Special (Interchangeable with .357 weapons, so it can be used as a weaker alternate ammo) .380 ACP .40 S&W .44 Magnum .30-06 Springfield .303 British 7,62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester is within the same area but this is more in regards to Military grade weapons like DMR's and Sniper Rifles) 40x46mm (Or High Explosive Grenades from a Grenade Launcher) Crossbow Bolts/Arrows (Self explanatory)
  8. I'd say .303 British, because I'm in love with SMLE's, especially the SMLE No.4 Mk.I with or without a scope, something so satisfying about a bolt action rifle with a 10 round magazine or if you really want to stick with the current ammo types, try this: The Enfield L42A1 It essentially was a SMLE, converted to 7,62x51mm/.308 Winchester, sporterised and made into a staple sniper rifle for British forces during the 1970's through 90's. It too had a 10 round magazine and all the benefits of a SMLE
  9. How about this then, CSA Vz.58 Sporter in 7,62x39mm
  10. I'd say the concept of the weapons your proposing is good but not necessarily the type of weapons you proposed. The 1887 for example are rare nowadays you'd normally see chinese or italian copies by Norinco or Chiappa which as far as I know are far less reliable than the actual Winchester brand. I could see however a Sawn Off Variant of the R870, barrel and stock cut off with a limited magazine capacity but no sights due to the sawn off barrel and high recoil due to lack of a stock. Perhaps even a shotgun with a folding stock even. As for the 7,62x39mm rifle, I honestly think the SKS is best left alone as the sole user of said ammo. While the Dev's have let their opinions be known regarding AK weapons I don't think XCR is a good example of it being added, there are other rifles such examples include the much more common Ruger-30 but I personally feel that would be better as a 5,56 weapon than a 7,62x39. As for the mounted machine gun I personally don't agree with making the M249 a mounted machine gun as anyone could easily take it off its mount and use it like any other weapon. Personally I think it should be more along the lines of a big heavy blocky machine gun that while is powerful, finding it's ammunition is limited and heavy. Perhaps in a similar vein to the medical box, a mounted machine gun can be found, erected and to feed it's ammunition supply players must find additional ammo boxes.
  11. Case in point delivered thanks to this video:
  12. Bolt Cutters as not only a weapon but possible Objective item, big and clunky but could be swung for a reasonably damaging hit
  13. I have no problem with that in all honesty, if it makes it easier on someone to use a specific ammo type that is perfectly fine. It's like how in Day Z the Winchester 1866 is listed as a Shotgun in the game files and uses shotgun slugs
  14. Did I see that the Winchester Rifle was using 12 Gauge shotgun ammo? I always thought it was it using something like .357 Magnum ammo not unless you guys decided on calling it the Winchester 1887 Shotgun instead of the 1892 Carbine Rifle. Of course there's always the argument of it using the 12 Gauge Icon as a place holder for the .357 Magnum Icon. I'm loving the MAC-10 and just how FAST that thing chews up ammo not to mention the addition of a healing system and a bleeding system. I presume that Infection is still somewhat of a threat in Survival. The ammunition notification, pot shot ability as well as the new inventory system make me excited to see the game in action. The maps and artwork is just fantastic also, can't wait to play it!
  15. If you look far back in this thread I'm sure Max revealed two such weapons on the so called Planned Weapon list: I'm pretty sure it was a Glock 19 and a Ruger Mk.II/III. The Ruger Pistol made it in the 1.05 patch so we might still see a Glock later down the line.