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  1. yeah i need total realism in my gory humanoid shooting sim even at the detriment to playability
  2. Remember that time I put effort into a post?
  3. thats a great story man
  4. no shit
  5. I enjoy HL2 mods.
  6. Your car still runs, correct? The fuck more do you want?
  7. God

    whoa this shit is blowing my mind
  8. They can't make a teaser because they don't have a coder to put together their MASSIVE AMOUNT OF CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. you cant have a job if you try to kill yourself at the drop of a fucking hat
  10. Bill Maher is not funny, and Lions Gate damn near never produces/distributes/whatevers a good film. hey look gnarls barkley is in the backround thats cool
  11. I'm not going to download your fucking virus.
  12. i would kick the chicken as it was trying to shit out the egg because that is my way
  13. TF3

    What part of "there is nothing to show" don't you people get? They aren't making enough progress to have weekly updates, and no matter how many people you throw on a "pr team", it's not gonna magically make content appear.
  14. No more room in caaaaaat laaaaaaaanddd
  15. TF3

    Booze isn't a troll. You people just don't like him and he holds different opinions than the majority of you, so you want him gone. It's a stupid petty mindset that'd kill this mod outright if the moderators were as stupid as the rest of you.