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  1. Its a great game when you can play it, but as of late all it wants to do is crash when I start it, anyone else having this problem: DOW2 Auxilury installer failed to respond: or something or other
  2. *bump*
  3. Idk imo it still needs ALOT of work, BUT it is coming along nicely
  4. get well soon maxx
  5. Heres one: Ima Splatter color on the gray, hope'n that you obey, the laws I lay down, in this wild west town, before i fuckin put you down, six feet in the ground *No more double/triple posts, okay mate?* -SotaPoika
  6. a zombie doesnt have good cordination in the first place so a simple good hard kick to the mid-drif would knock a undead specimen severely off balance long enough for said individual to escape
  7. 6 years... congradulations we're all fan boys, get in line to get your t-shirts and rubber masks
  8. I was recently play SMOD again.... and anyway I kicked some random guy in the face with the gordon kick and realised this would be a very useful trick when cornered and wanted to know, is kicking going to be implamented in the beta or a future release?
  9. What role will stamina play in the game? will it affect the ammout of ammo you can carry? number of weapons? abiltiy to aim? ability to sprint?
  10. *bump*
  11. yeah valve learn thats a real hoot
  12. Ive been waiting 5 years dude I dont care if it comes out when im 60 so long as it comes out
  13. Name: american_zombiegod Age:19 Occupation: Dissabled Experience: I tested for Parabelum, Project Reality, Killing floor (The Mod), Battlefield Heros Voice: Yes TimeZone: GMT -7 Arizona Computer Specs: Windows Vista 64, Duel Radeon 4890s 1GB Video RAM, 4GB Ram, 2.4 Quad Core AMD Extra: Ive been watching the mod for years Ive been there for the good and the bad, and I would die for a chance to beta this game, recently Ive taken it upon myself to learn a modding trade, so Ive been fooling around with fallout 3's GECK, Ive created a number of edited skins, mostly just changing color and combinding other models to create new ones, they are of such poor quality that they will never see the light of day but im always will to learn and try something new Contact: I can be contacted through either my yahoo, or comcast email at terrell.c@comcast.net or killerDj381@yahoo.com
  14. I would to personaly thank the entire team for the dedication brought forth, and while these media releases are AWSOME! I only have 1 question... when are we going to start seeing some ingame footage or even some screenshots of zombies in game? I know there are some out there but those are before the new team came aboard
  15. hey summer ends in september so they have a while